Xiaomi Mijia Writing Tablet v Remarkable (SxS Review)


0:45 – Xiaomi Mijia Writing Table Review
11:06 – Remarkable Tablet Review

Purchase Links
• Xiaomi :
• Remarkable :

Do be aware, this is more of a ramble than a super serious review, but … given how much prep work has been put into it, I’d say it came out decent.

The other guy is James Hoffmann, he does awesome coffee related videos :

Nguồn: https://freecode.com.vn/


  1. Great presentation mate! But really, do you have to put swear words in the dialog? This is not to everybody's taste including mine. SORRY! 😒

  2. Would have liked you to test it during the day too so we'd have a complete review. You still have a great review. I'm just nitpicking. But they make all the difference among the top YouTubers. And yes you being a reviewer must always know. Be sure of what you are saying I mean.

  3. the mi tablet is for kids.. so you dont ruin the expensive one.. kids love to draw something, and just throw it like trash..

  4. Hope your OCD get's better, hope you can control it. One of my best friend has it, I can understand your condition bro.


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