Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – NOW APPLE = XIAOMI | Super Value For Money!


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – NOW APPLE = XIAOMI | Super Value For Money!

Hey #TechGang
In this video I am showing all new xiaomi laptop which is xiaomi mi notebook air 2018. This xiaomi laptop offers some great specifications. I think xiaomi should launch their laptop in India. This mi notebook air comes with Intel core i5 8th gen, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Dedicated graphics card and more.

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  1. Bhai right now I am planning to buy a laptop so I decided one hp model that is cr2000tu with same specifications like this laptop. So what would you prefer or rather suggest me to buy this or that hp one. The only difference is that hp one is 10th gen and this is 8th gen. By the way does this one have backlit. Plzz jaldi se jaldi reply Karna because lockdown ke turant bad I am buying a laptop.

  2. Bhai.. heating.. battery backup… keyboard response..sabme fail jai…jo qualities laptop users ko sabse jyada chahiye Wo kuch nai hai.. to tareef kis baat se kar rahe ho.. Kya hi dhyan de hum is laptop par

  3. been watching this video for 3:15, still I didn't get any single specifications or anything on why this product is value for money.

    I am sorry to say but:
    All you are speaking man is Blah blah blah.

  4. Xiomi …it’s a cancer…Reason xiomi Is able to make cheap products is they are totally eliminated r&d cost my copying ..other products


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