Windows 10 review


Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is finally here. Windows 10 is a realization of Microsoft’s big dream to have a single Windows that runs across all its products. Does it succeed?


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  1. Why does everyone think that windows 10 is not good and windows 7 is better? I know about perspective but there are just so many people saying that. I tried it and found it better than windows 10. Sticking to it!

  2. Allow Raycho to buy windows 10 it is ONLY 11,68$. Thanks. It's costs. I used Windows 8.1 as i Know it is free. And repair My windows 10 on Tablet Acer 8', when i installed it was free.

  3. Windows 10 is like a friendly virus, it only screws your computer and every library and document on it every six months or so…to keep your libraries and documents from getting screwed every six months or so. Thanks, MS, thanks for nothing.

  4. windows 10 is the best program that Microsoft have ever made and i am watching this video on my laptop that runs on windows 10

  5. Windows gona come to an end soon .. these stupids dont knw how to manage window..Everyday they r just updating windows like idiots..

  6. i had an HP notebook laptop installed with windows 10 but it didnt have touch screen or any advanced stuff but now my computer is ruined because linux is horrible /:

  7. I like Windows 10, I've had no problems with it, and I enjoy the way to access app. This all may be opinion but I like it.

  8. So here we are in 2019. There was an October 2018 update to Windows 10 that I have heard good things about. I am still running Windows 7 64-bit professional. Is Windows 10 a good, stable platform yet? Any updates to this video?

  9. for all the haters of windows 10 i am sure non of you haters tried to use it even so try it and dont lie its good and easy its only beacuse your computers are crappy

  10. I was FORCED to upgrade to windows 10!
    One day, I got a notice on my laptop saying that I had to upgrade and it gave me some buttons to click, that simple, didn't mean I understood it! 😃🤔😏


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