Wi-Fi Wood 7 Segment Digital LED Clock


This is a video about making my plywood 7 segment digital LED clock. I’ve used FreeCAD to design it. I’ve also used FreeCAD to create the 3D printable parts and the gcode paths for my DIY CNC Machine. The source, including the design file, can be found on my GitHub page:

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  1. Nice clock, I'm thinking about Goulding it, but I want to ne able to change the color via the zeRGBa in the blynk app, can you please tell me what I have to change in the code in order to make it work.
    I hope you can help me, thanks If you can.

  2. Superb buddy !!!
    i am really glad you used WI-Fi board this time !

    btw is it possible to port your old clock with ESP8266 ?
    like in your old video you had created app , instead of app is it possible to make a web-page and do things ?

  3. Hij is weer cool! Ik heb me laten inspireren (https://youtu.be/MiQ29a8YK0M). De rest hoeft niet te klikken. Het is geen leon-handige-types-video. Jouw kijkcijfers ga ik nooit halen, maar toch. Mocht ik ooit 100 volgers halen, dan zal ik je noemen als inspiratiebron en muze. Volgens Natas moet ik mijn bril afzetten, maar dan zullen mijn video's er niet scherper op worden. Dan maar geen 100 volgers.

  4. F****cking awesome!!! I have two questions, are you going to do a pcb for the electronics? And second, the glass on the bed of the 3d printer is a regular glass o is it something special?

  5. Cool project. I like the combination of different production methods and materials. It would look nice with a really exotic wood veneer on the front panel.
    Regards, Mark Presling Qld Australia

  6. Very good project.

    I have been looking for a simple clock (7 segments) that uses wifi to be always set correctly. Thank you for doing it.

    Otherwise, which Gcode generation software do you use?

  7. Wooow nice sir like always . This is the clock u designed in the other video that I made it . Thank u and keep up the good work



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