Why you should cover your laptop camera


Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a photo on his Facebook page celebrating the success of Instagram. His followers quickly noticed something strange about his laptop in the image: there was tape over both the camera and the microphone to protect against hackers. Is Zuck overly paranoid, or is this actually a good tip for everyone to take into consideration?

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  1. O_O ok like i literally watch Netflix while i’m in the shower. i have my phone face upright towards me while im in the shower LMAOAOAO must’ve been a sight to see

  2. This device is so helpful. Back in 2016 my cell phone was hacking into by the federal government following a sexual assault committed against me by a Navy sailor. With empirical observation, I know for a fact it was the federal government and the horrorable treatment they subjected me too. One of the main ways they preyed on me was with my phones camera. I picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine an undisclosed amount of secretly record videos being taken of you against your will, with out your permission! They turn on a recording device in my cell phone an could listen to me talking and my phone conversations. THEY WILL HURT YOU! THEY CAN SUBJECT YOU TO TERRIFY ATTACKS AND IN MY CASE I LOST TOO MUCH. Hackers are here in the United States and they have media and federal powers. My run in terrified me, my attackers were never held responsible for what they did to me and ANYONE CAN BE NEXT! They will only take.

  3. We are being monitored by the goverment on our laptops, cell phones, home phones, and almost ever video camera around street light and people's ring doorbells.

  4. I mean, if a hacker wanna watch me smoke weed while i listen to A Tribe Called Quest while whoopin some ass in mortal kombat 11 they can go right ahead and waste their valuable time lmao

  5. My ipad pro began to spontaneously take photos one time last week. When I covered the lens, it stopped and these photos were not in my album. (I live in Japan and device cameras are set to make a shutter noise when used, which is how I knew it was taking photos).

    Paranoia is sometimes knowing when you’re being watched.

  6. Do all computers have hidden cameras? I just bought my computer two years ago do you think there is one on my puter? I don't see any lens.

  7. i get loads of scam e mails saying they know my passwords (and prove it)_ and says they have pictures from my webcam of my sexual activity,so send them money or they will post it on sites like facebook— i have never had a laptop or used a webcam 🙂 But people that do will be shocked into paying ?

  8. Americans: oh my god no, uncle sam is watching all of us, let us cover every camera in the house
    goes to the store and buys a Google Home and ALexa

  9. One way is to disconnect or snip(careful not to short the other components) the camera and microphone hardware. You can use a separate higher resolution USB webcam for video calls.

  10. The most sold out video on dark web is of women looking at their fone.
    Most of the perverts and assholes from around the world watch them looking at their fone thinking they are video calling them

  11. when i purchased my first laptop , I faced a trojen after 5 days . It didn't let me search about antivirus on internet . I didn't even know about any type of virus at that time . I thought computer is also like android phones where you dont need too much security . But then i used malewarebytes to remove that virus .I installed antivirus and i cover the camera since that day.

  12. I’m dead my dad lifted the tape off the camera and said “FBI man could you please help me close the sims out their not listening” 🤣😂

  13. today 3.2.19
    i had a funny feeling i was on my computer/monitor.. i have a web cam build inside.
    but i have a paper with tape cover my web cam monitor..
    when i take out the paper covering my monitor i saw a white light
    that is turn on next to my web cam?
    i don't know how long this was turn on?
    could be 3-5 years?
    can that person see me?i got paper cover my web cam with a tape?
    but the light was on?

    i don't know anyone want to hack me or even see what i'm doing?
    i have a boring life?
    why not hack someone else computer instead of me?

  14. God damn it the whole world can watch eachother through these complicated advanced devices that we built… I mean the only way you can be 100% safe is learning hacking and shit from the bottom. I don't want to spend my time being worried about this shit.


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