Which is brighter? Philips T10 X-treme Ultinon vs. Normal U. version LED W5W Parking Premium lights


Which is brighter? What is the difference? Philips T10 X-treme Ultinon GEN 2 vs. Normal Ultinon version LED W5W – Parking premium lights LED’s – for Premium cars 6000K – 10 years long lasting. You will need canbus decoders or resistance for this leds to be error free. Watch the entire video to see the power consumption.
Don’t know what to chose between the Philips Ultinon X-treme and the normal version? Witch is brighter? Well… were gooing to test for you the new parking light led’s make a comparison and show how is the color between Philips ultinon and chinese led’s.
Guys go with Philips led’s even if you will pay a lot more than chinese leds because the Ultinon leds will last in time and if you have a premium car you will save money, effort and time changing all the time those chinese led’s.

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  1. Hi I would like to know in the end which of the two t10 lamps is more light, the xtreme ultinion or the normal ultinion?


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