What Happened to VAIO?


Back in the day, Sony’s VAIO line was absolutely incredible.
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  1. ACTIVATE WINDOWS WATERMARK IS completely understandable and accepted by me, something i didnt do for linus tech tips until he made the vid about pirating windows.

  2. I had three out of four vaios shown on this video….i don’t know what is happening to it but they were the best.

  3. I always thought the VAIO was the first attempts at making a laptop look "cool". They had a sleek sexy look that seemed to go for a fashion statement over other competitors.

  4. My mom had a vaio back in 2005 and it has served her till a couple weeks ago. She loved it dearly. RIP white VAIO

  5. Our sony bravia is gone to hell which was from Saudi's out let, and vaio was from qatar, both R I P after 3 years service period only!!

  6. These videos are boring seriously whenever I watch these videos there just stupid and I unsubscribed and disliked and blocked your channel

  7. My 2010 vaio runs fine but the fan is super loud when the disk usage is high, like antimalware scans and even watching youtube. Must be the 10 year old hdd asking for ssd replace which i will do it soon.

  8. I guessing that confusion with the "dongle" and where to plug it in is exactly how he looks trying to unstrap a bra

  9. The only thing Vaio ever was was over priced junk. It's a flex, good for nothing else but looking impressive.


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