Weird 1W (0.1W!) LED lamp from eBay.

I saw this lamp while browsing for other stuff and bought it to take a look at. It was intriguing that it had the appearance of a 4W lamp but was rated at 1W and mentioned SMD LEDs. I wanted to see how the SMD LEDs had been coupled to the lenses.
It turns out it’s not a 1W lamp and doesn’t use SMD LEDs, but it’s still quite pleasing and VERY hackable.
Despite it’s seemingly super-low power rating it does a surprising job of creating a pool of light on the floor of a room that is ample for use in navigating your way round a dark house. And the fact the LEDs are being run at a third of their rated current suggests that they will last a very long time and are easily replaced anyway.
The very small number of LEDs means this lamp will also work on 110V, but be even dimmer.

This is quite a hard lamp to find on eBay, so here’s a search link that may find them if they are available:-

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