VIVIBRIGHT F30 LCD LED Projector Video review. Probably the best BUDGET projector! Get it here:
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coupon price: $169.99

Impressive F30 projector with 4200 lumens of brightness and a native 1080p resolution.

Android version (not tested in the video):
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Hope you like this video! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hope you guys like this video! I really like this projector. Get it here with a DISCOUNT Coupon: SE528INP1Y coupon price: 169.99.
    Please let me know if it doesn't work.

  2. I want to project some lines, like Windows Paint,(Red, Blue, Green, Black) and some numbers on a very bright garage at a maximum of 120cm from the wall to get aprox. a 43 inch image.
    What's the cheapest Led projector that you recomend?

  3. Another liar selling shit projectors. If a company uses BULLSHIT lumens numbers, stay away.
    This is 360 lumens, NOT 4200!
    360 is only good in the dark.

  4. Hmm. I bought this projector month back and I'm satisfied with the picture quality at this price point. However, the color reproduction is not up to the mark. The projector is having 3 built-in cooling fans and the fan noise is overwhelming. It's too loud and I have to turn the AC just to hide this fan noise with some more noise from the AC. The 3 colling fans inside (2 regular and 1 blower type), are working in full RPM all the time as the fan speed is not regulated with respect to the operating temperature of the projector. I'm thinking of retrofitting it with the Arduino based CPU fan controller to see whether the noise can be controlled to a moderate level. The picture is in focus to the middle and looses its focus at the edges. This is typical of all LCD based projectors. As there is no horizontal keystone adjustment, you always have to keep the projector centered on the projected surface. build is quite sturdy on the outside and cannot say the same about the insides. All the parts inside are made with very cheap quality plastic, and if not cooled properly, it could create a fire hazard. The built-in speaker is quite loud with slight low-end sound. Don't play with the keystone much as mine was broken on arrival.

  5. It's a very bad project. Don't waste your money for this shit. Very low brightness. No natural color. Poor speaker and noisy fan

  6. Thank you for mentioning the GP90's fan noise. I have it also and hate it. So I can't wait for the delivery of my F30.

  7. seems very similar to the M18 do you have plans to review that as am tossing up between this F30 and the MI8 …..the M18 is a generic model but the Makers are plenty….VivaBright is one of the M18 makers there are a few just enter M18 in the search bar on Aliexpress and it will show you a bunch of different brands MOST of the projectors look EXACTLY the same……cheers…

  8. Hey bro… how can i talk to you about this projector? Mine came with a white strip on the top. Is it normal? Thanks

  9. Hey nice vid. I just tried an office projector in our house and I got a 76inches wall to wall. Just want to ask, will the size increase of I will buy a vivibright. Thanks

  10. Product description elsewhere says 3D capable. Can you confirm that here before we buy it? Thanks for the upload.

  11. People that complain about the fan noise go buy something more expensive because at this price range u r not gonna get anything better for the price

  12. Way better than my onn projector. It's supposed to be native 1080P it looks sharp but the colors are off and there are blurred lines across the screen when the light hits a certain way.

  13. I got one chinese full HD projector, it was supposed to be one of the better ones… If you do as much as touch the keystone correction, the whole thing goes out of focus. I don't believe this one could be better, so please, be cautious… I wasted money on something really bad…

  14. Made in China, looks very cheap. I wander how long will it last. Maybe a few days only. Always buy Japanese made electronics.

  15. Hi,
    can be mounted not orthogonal to the wall? is there a Yaw/Roll setting? thank you for the help!

  16. Can someone please help me decide on wich projector to get.
    So i'm between this one and the vankyo v600 i'll be using it mainly for movies.

  17. 3 meters maximum distance screen size and pictures quality f30 projector please reply thank you sir

  18. Most impressed with the color accuracy compared to previous LED projectors – which were always really bad. This year marks a huge leap for budget LED with the resolution, color and in some cases dynamic contrast abilities (which seem to actively block out some light in dark scenes).

  19. Cool projector but mine is getting a brown sport when displaying in the screen does anyone knows what causes just two months old.

  20. This projector is absolute garbage, returned mine within the hour after receiving it. Doesn't fully focus, loud as hell, basically the most dull colors I've ever seen, light leakage, and dead pixels.

  21. Does this have zoom functionality or is the screen size determined only by distance from the screen ? Cheers

  22. On amazon×1080-Entertainment-Brightness/dp/B07QBL7ZHV/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 You can see that they are just different designs. But the design style of the F30 is more similar to the home theater.


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