[Vinesauce] Joel – Lego Racers


Brick by br- Wait.
Date streamed: 17 Oct , 2019

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  1. I remember watching lego racers stream years ago on this channel with that bon3z69 guy and playey IIRC did he remove it?

  2. Actually (or rather after what I know), the cars are not all the same. If I remember correctly flat cars are faster than bulkier ones.

  3. Long live lego bionicle joel i love it as a Child i was the same as you and I Will stream all the old bionicle Web games and the video games of bionicle

  4. I was also a fan of bionicles 😀 collected many of them when i was young. ^-^ good times.
    Dude I also have Dual Heroes ! 😮 on my n64 since i was kid that game is awesome!
    Goemon too!

  5. I was already working on metagaming the second I could play video games, I figured out the warp powerup always teleports you to set points on the map, so eventually I found out the most efficient ways of getting all white-green combos and teleport ahead of the rest. ^^;;;;

    This also means that the mega-boost is, in some levels, actually more beneficial.

    … I hate 12 year old me.

  6. Joel, y'should play the LEGO Speed Champions expansion for Forza Horizon 4, you know, the game where you said, "I SAID LEGO RACERS!!!! NOOOOO!!"

  7. Lego Racers is honestly one of the best games from the past
    And anyone who says otherwise has never played it


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