Using Ledger Live with Your Ledger Nano S


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Ledger Live is the new all-in-one Windows based app for managing all of the assets on your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue. Join CryptoDad as he dives in and puts it through it paces.

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  1. I have an hp laptop and I cannot get the ledger live to function properly and connect the ledger s. I am not computer savvy. I need help and I can't find no one to help me with it. I watched some of your videos but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. This is what happens when you grow up without a computer in the house. Please help.

  2. Hi Rex

    I was trying to reach out to ledger help. but no response

    Can you please help me. ledger live (LL)

    1. after i updated ledger live to latest version.
    2. i was trying to add BTC account & i try to connect Nano S to communicated with LL
    3. But LL keeps prompting for nano s conenction.
    4. after several tries, i deleted LL and clean up as your video teaches.

    5. when i try to connect again. MY newly installed LL didn't detect any Nano S connection
    6. tried 2 cables, with the Nano S original one didn't work.
    7. I was suspecting it could b USB port but it doenst seems to be
    8. Nano S still can keep in my passcode and see my tokens logo in it.

    What should i do now? i am very confused with these kind of stuff. as i am not IT person. Pls help

  3. Hi Rex i watch your video same time and i learn very much ,the crypto industry is very insecure and ledger nano s .x is the safest way to keep crypto safe,THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEO

  4. i messaged you on Twitter, sorry to be chasing you down. but at 6:19 is where i have a problem, my program will not connect and unlock. any suggestions would be appreciated or i will just order a new nano

  5. Why would anybody store anything on an online wallet at any exchange given the hacking incidents over the past years? If your crypto holdings start getting into high dollar figures, dont you want them All stored on hardware wallets? What if one day say your XRP holdings reach some high dollar amount and you want to cash out ASAP before the price drops. What exchanges would facilitate that transaction ASAP in a large amount and start the process of sending your funds to an attached bank account on the exchange?

  6. Hello Rex,

    Can you help me please? Ledger live won't let me add accounts. When i add my btc account i get the connection, but when i open up the app on my device i get put back to connect and unlock your ledger device. In the meantime the display on the device reads: application is ready. What can do i need to do?

  7. I am sorry if my question is stupid. If i disconnect my nano s from my pc my bitcoin amount is still in ledger live . Is not bitcoin sopuse to be in the nano s not in the live ledger program ? I am confuse. Some one please explain.

  8. bro. your videos are awesome. ut i do have a question for you. ive done all the steps. installed eth wallet – but how do i see and get access to my erc20 ex. OMG or PPT PLR token etc. ? i don't understand when I read there own website. Can you help? It was so easy back when i used myetherwallet with Ledger Live I'm soooo lost. Crypto guy since 2016 Thanks for your help in advance

  9. Hi crypto dad. I was wondering if you can help me? I upgraded to ledger live and can no longer see my eth or ltc. Were talking 75 Ltd and 25 eth. Please help me if you can. I've tried just about everything I can thing of. Thx

  10. Just got a Nano S, and frankly I am thinking of sending it straight back and I have not even used it yet. Why? Just go checkout the Ledger Nano S videos on their own channel and read the comment section, bursting with people commenting with very serious issues with this device, and more importantly, no support replies to these comments from Ledger. We could be talking about serious amounts of money that this unintuitive device can mess up very easily.

  11. Thanks for the informative video! Looking forward to the Live Q&A on Friday at 6PM Pacific Time. Hopefully, you are still doing them. One question I had is, how do you view your coin balance on the actual hardware wallet? I can see it in the app when I have the Ledger Live app open and the wallet connected to it, but it never shows the balance on the wallet's screen… i would think that you should be able to see it there, see your coin balance and that it is stored securely. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  12. Hi Rex It seems that you cannot send and receive with Ledger Live desktop with Your Ledger Nano S and you have to use android app From official website Ledger Nano S: import your accounts from desktop application & check your balance available for all users. Send & receive feature only available for Android users so is that true?

  13. So are my coins digitally stored on the actual device or on the ledger live….because the ledger live mobile app allows me to transfer to ledger live without the device, is the device primarily used for verification purposes….I’m confused of its primary use case

  14. i typed out the link but i cant get the same
    page stating apps (in green)… is it possible to send me the correct
    link and step by step for me to install into my nano S ledger.

  15. i typed out the link but i cant get the same
    page stating apps (in green)… is it possible to send me the correct
    link and step by step for me to install into my nano S ledger.

  16. Hi Rex, great job! Thanks a lot for your videos.
    Have a question.
    how to disconnect ledger nano s from my computer safely?

  17. Hi Rex, Wanna ask u a question. What if the person died and he is the only one who got the mobile phone to log in the account or ledger nano s. How can we all fix this that if the main person is not a life anymore the partner or whatever can still go in the account/ ledger to withdraw it

  18. Is there anything I must know before purchasing a new computer? I just download ledger live and connect my device as I did originally? Answer would be appreciated.

  19. Is there a way to use ledger live on an iPhone? Not to send / receive btc but just to see our balance ? I like checking it

  20. Hello cryptodad. I purchased nano s in May last year and loaded with apps and transferred crypto keys to device…Haven't accessed for approx 6 months. Yesterday I entered my pin and tried to access using Ledger Live.. Portfolio not showing as live/also not showing any balances.. I tried resetting using 24 word recovery, but still portfolio not showing as live.. I'm probably overlooking something very obvious (hopefully!!!) Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance CV

  21. Hello cryptodad. I have had my ledger nano s for sometime now. I tried to get on myetherwallet and no luck. So watched your video for ledger live, still no luck. Can not access myetherwallet. I must be doing something wrong.. found my ledger just be full? Ty

  22. Hi I need help I don’t see any of my btc in my ledger nano a I don’t know who do I talk to can anyone pls help I am crying

  23. Watched a few only just realised I wasn't subbed I'm getting old ,lol ,Please do a how to use Brave browser ,I've got BAT on coin base don't know how to collect using Brave Browser ,please pretty please do a how to video.

  24. Initially, I downloaded ledger live through chrome and couldn't get the app to recognize my nano S. Super frustrating! Some thought the problem may be my anti-virus software. After a couple failed attempts to connect to ledger live and a lot of wasted time. I uninstalled ledger live and re-installed using the Brave browser. The rest of the set-up was smooth as silk…Thank you, Rex! You have bailed me out of a couple situations. I donated a little BTC in support. Keep up the great content! Much appreciated!!!

  25. Crypto Dad..Love your videos they have been a lot of help. I need more help – LOL.
    I have two questions about LNS.

    After I send bitcoin from my Ledger Nano S (LNS) to Coinbase. Can I close ledger live and disconnect my LNS from my computer before all the 6 confirmations are processed?

    I tried to use my LNS with another one of my computers. I installed Ledger Live on the 2nd computer. It wanted me to go through the entire setup process all over again. I was under the assumption that all I would have to do in order to use my LNS on any 2nd or more computers is to install ledger live, get prompted for and enter my password and that would be it. It appears it is not that simple. I have bitcoin stored on my LNS but I cannot see it on the 2nd computer in Ledger Live. I would like some very detailed instructions on how to use my LNS on a second, third, computers etc.

  26. I'm still on version 1.4.1 and need to upgrade 1.4.2 before I upgrade to 1.5. Can someone tell me were to downloaded 1.4.2 version. That's in advance

  27. Thanks for the info. I have a problem with Eth, it´s not possible to send it from Ledger Live, it always says Out of gas, but I put the maximum of gas 46 and it didn´t fix, and I hava eth left for the fee. Do you know about it? thank you


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