Upgrade Asus F555L, X555L ram

The Asus F555L-AB31 has 1 free slot and it’s easy to upgrade.
You can add one memory module up to 8 GB, netting you a total of 12 (4+8) GB ram.
It takes DDR3L-1600 (low voltage, 1.35 V) SODIMM ram.

In this example we add just 4 GB.
It’s common sense, but shut down your laptop first 🙂

This should be the same for the following models:
F554L, F555L, X554L, X555L, A555L, K555L, R556L, R557L, R511L

———- FAQ:

* Is it better to have 8 or 12 GB total RAM?
It depends on what you use the laptop for, but in most cases 8 GB total is enough.

* Does upgrading the memory void warranty?
No, it doesn’t void warranty. It’s even described in the Asus manual how to perform the upgrade.

* Do I need to take out the battery pack first?
No, in this model the battery is internal instead of an external battery pack and can’t easily be detached.

* Can I replace the original memory module?
No. Usually there is 4 GB RAM already soldered in, and a free slot for another 4 or 8 GB module.

Newer series or models can come with either DDR3L or DDR4. You should look up the vendor/manufacturer specs and tools like CPU-Z / HWiNFO / Windows Task Manager.

* Can I use a DDR3 module in a DDR3L (low voltage) slot?
Your mileage may vary, but it’s best to use the matching memory type.

* My model already comes with more than 4 GB RAM (e.g. 6 or 8 GB). Can I still upgrade it to 12 GB?
Most likely the free slot in there is already in use. You should first check the memory module compartment. In that case you will only able to replace any existing memory module in that slot.

* Some sources say my model only support 8 (4+4) GB total RAM. Is it still possible to upgrade to a total of 12 (4+8) GB?
You should contact Asus support or the vendor to clarify on the combined total of 8 or 12 GB possible RAM for your specific model. There might be confusion if they are referring to the max module size or the max combined total.

Disassembly information:


Laptop: Asus F555LA-AB31

* Crucial CT51264BF160B (1x 4GB)

* Crucial CT102464BF160B (1x 8GB)

* Kingston KVR16LS11/4 (1x 4GB)

* Kingston KVR16LS11/8 (1x 8GB)

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