TWO GTX 1080s in a Freaking LAPTOP – Sager NP9873


With a desktop CPU, TWO desktop GPUs, and a truly huge form factor… can you even call this thing a laptop anymore?

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  1. Bruh 2 1080ti s and a fucking 120hz screen you act like that’s not depressing it needs at least 165hz imo to be worth it

  2. My old msi gt83 with gtx 1080 sli is still faster (alot more) then any laptop out there even rivals the 2080ti, fuck RTX (no sli support for laptops) good night.

  3. Choose Eurocom

  4. Nowhere in the title of this video is Eurocom and it doesn't cover Eurocom…
    So why the flying fuck is it returned in a list of videos when I search for "eurocom" in Linus' Channel, Google? That's almost anti-search at that point!!!
    If you do a search, and it returns something totally different ( ( this is a hypothetical, but a good example of what has happened) like I search for "Klondike bar", and none of the videos, not one, are for the ice cream bar, but all of them are for hot fudge brownies, related only by the fact that they both contain sugar and are food (no, I wanted information on the "Klondike bar", not on "sweet foods", I would have searched for dessert if that was the case!) ) , how the FUCK is that useful???
    Ranting aside,

    Eurocom has been doing this since 1989!
    Holy crap Linus, you didn't cover Eurocom at all? This is something out of the Twilight Zone right here!

  5. What version of clevo has a future sli installment. Or do you need to purchase it in the beginning. How many years could go by before you cant upgrade the gpu to a new future model?

  6. I mean…back when I was looking at this exact model (non-sli though, just the one 1080) it pretty much clearly stated EVERYWHERE that it was a "desktop replacement" laptop and not really meant for taking around so much as it being easier to move around.


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