Tutorial: Replace Laptop Harddrive with SSD, Dell E4300 + C300 64gb in 1080P


Replacing my Kingston V100 64gb drive with a C300 64gb drive. Procedure is the same when replacing a standard laptop harddrive with any SSD. Amazon is having some great deals on SSDs right now, check it out-

Nguồn: https://freecode.com.vn/


  1. Hi,

    My dell laptop keeps going into cyclic recovery mode whenever i switch it on. Is this a problem in the harddrive or somewhere else?

  2. I want to thank you for sharing your how to video on the web and if you could be so kind in giving me some advice. I want to replace my hard drive on my Dell Latitude e4310 to a new SSD 500GB or greater and I'm looking for a really good, reliable and fast top of the line internal hard drive. What make and module would you recommend?

  3. The laptop feels much faster with the SSD. It really is not a comparison. Battery life, however, is not noticeably different. If it is better, it is only marginally so. The difference might be more noticeable if you are going from a 7200rpm drive instead of a 5400rpm drive, because they use more power.


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