Too Thin For A Keyboard: Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Hands-On


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Back in 2016 I called the Lenovo Yoga Book the most interesting laptop I’d ever touched … and it just got a sequel. From IFA 2018 in Berlin, I’m MrMobile, and this is the new laptop of the future: the Lenovo Yoga Book C930!



MrMobile’s YogaBook 2 / YogaBook C930 Hands-On was produced following an hour with a YogaBook 2 / YogaBook C930 review device at a Lenovo press event prior to IFA 2018 in New York City. Pre-production hardware running pre-release software. This video was sponsored by Skillshare.


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  1. With only 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage this would be so much better running Android or Linux. Windows 10 needs a minimum of 8 GB of RAM just to have more than a few tabs or programs open before it chokes. Forget about resource intensive programs like photoshop.

  2. I'm just wondering about the Google apps like Google spreadsheet. Is it full mode? Or just the mobile one? Can I still use the script like the desktop one?

  3. Not a good e-reader without a backlight?The entire point of an e-reader is to NOT have backing light that hurts your eyes.

  4. Love this device except foe 2 issues…backlight and an issue with using it in tablet mode where I can't avoid double tapping the eink display and switching to that display and turning off the main one. I haven't found a way to stop this except by trying to only hold it by the edges.

  5. I remember watching this guy back in 2017 and later on i forgot about him. Im so glad i get to see his vids again .. so nostalgic

  6. Just tested the l8st version – lovely design. And it is better than the Surface. And better than the Macbook line if u can move away from apple staples …

  7. Micheal why did you say it also comes in m3 for less money 💰, you know something that even Lenovo doesn’t know , where is this yoga book c90 with the m3 core at 🧐


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