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Vietnam TodayThe country of Vietnam stands at a crossroads. Located in the geographical center of Southeast Asia, it is a complex mixture of ancient and modern culture as a Soviet-style legacy contrasts with an emerging Western-style market economy. Vietnam, faced with pressing political, social and economic challenges, is a country full of hope and potential.In Vietnam Today: A Guide to a Nation at a Crossroads, Dr. Mark Ashwill and Thai Ngoc Diep paint a broad picture of Vietnam, past and present, and explore today's defining issues. Readers come to understand how a two-thousand-year history of foreign invasion, occupation and war has influenced the Vietnamese character. The Chinese, French and Americans have all left their imprint, and the struggle against opposition has infused the Vietnamese with a fierce spirit of nationalism and caution in their dealings with foreigners. Building relationships and trust as a prelude to doing business are critical to the Vietnamese, whether at home or abroad.Vietnam Today reveals the most prominent characteristics of the Vietnamese: their energy and drive, the dominance of group over individual and the paramount importance of maintaining harmony. Ashwill and Diep shed light on many sources of misunderstanding between Vietnamese and Western professionals, but ultimately show that, for those who are prepared to learn and appreciate its culture and history, Vietnam is becoming a land of promise and opportunity. Vietnam Today is an invaluable resource for businesspeople, social scientists, academics and tourists all at once. Ashwill has created a portrait of a misunderstood country and people. Not only does he challenge common perceptions of Vietnam, its citizens and its culture, but he also challenges the reader's own ways of looking at the world.-Christopher Brownlee, President and co-founder, Vietnamese Adoptee Network Vietnam Today provides a valuable picture of Vietnam, past and present, and defines the issues and trends of today. It is a very practical guide that captures the culture, politics and complexity of today's Vietnam .This book will not only change the way you think about Vietnam, it may cause you to reflect upon how you view the world.-R. Fitzpatrick, July 12, 2007. ContentsAcknowledgmentsTo the ReaderIntroduction1 Nation at a Crossroads2 Country Overview3 A Brief History4 Vietnam at Peace5 Core Cultural Dimensions6 Working with the Vietnamese7 How the Vietnamese See Westerners8 EpilogueAppendicesA Vietnam: A Statistical ProfileB Historical HighlightsC Recommended WebsitesReferences and Recommended ReadingsIndex


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