Tài Liệu Tài liệu động cơ FORD 6.4L P1

NP Tú Trinh

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-6.4L Power Stroke® Diesel Engine
-AIR Management System
Air Management System Components
ã Series Sequential Turbocharger
ã Charge Air Cooler
ã Intake Manifold
ã Air Filter/Filter Minder
ã Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System

-Cooling system
Cooling System Features
ã The coolant pump can be serviced without disconnecting
radiator hoses.
ã Both the glow plug sleeves and the injector sleeves are
stainless steel
-Electrical Components
-Fuel supply system
-Lubrication System
-6.4l dit appendix
Torque Charts . 82-87
Wiring Diagram 88-89
Diagnostic Codes . 90-101
-Unique service Procedures

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