This laptop is faster than many desktops… and only 4 pounds


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  1. Wow! Thank God I saw this video, was gonna spend stupid money on msi ge66 raider rtx 2070 for 1900 pound, but this is much cheaper 🤯 also in the UK, and I checked eluktronics and they ship wow!!!

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  2. Stuck with a dud Asus fx504gm. all it does is thermal throttling… power limit throttling.. cant even play cs:go peacefully…

  3. Now i cannot unsee the stormtrooper laptop…..not gonna buy this laptop for sure just cause the fact that stormtrooper sucks and it made and impression that ur laptop looks kinda sucks even its actually very good.
    AESTHETIC always comes first xD

  4. "I wouldn't found it funnier than my own Samsung, but what-so-ever Bios update it was. Exactly, the bugged leather like cover doesn't look funny at all. Can you call an application a html sheet with embedded CSS that avoid browsing? Is that really 🆒️ with an I/O sheet beside that doesn't come with the product?!" 🗨😏🐚💻🐞🔌

  5. 1080p looks like 4k on 15inch laptops? are you high or what? the only reason i don't want to switch to windows laptops because most of them comes with stupid 1080p screens. i can clearly see the stupid pixels while i type. laptop companies should release something in between 4k and 1080p. but they won't because of some screen aspect ratio compatibility with released movies aspect, something like that bullshit

  6. Theres a way of talking on a video that is pleasant to vievew listener. This is not an example of it. Too many unecessary stuff.

  7. I'll be getting an older used model by this company.
    i5-7400, GTX 1060, both full desktop tier parts.
    In raw gaming, this thing will outperform my most powerful desktop, at least until I can afford to upgrade my GPU.

  8. And nowhere near as fast as the new AMD 4000 series laptops. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 makes this look like a child's toy. You know those fake cell phones they give babies to make them think they talk on the phone like mommy? That's this laptop processor compared to the AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS

  9. AAA games should come pre-installed in cartridges that are plug and play. The cartridge should also serve as ram and storage. Downloading huge game files is getting ridiculous.


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