ThinkCentre M73 / E73 / M72e Small Form Factor Desktop – Microprocessor and Heat Sink Replacement


This video will illustrate how to replace the Microprocessor and Heat Sink Fan Assembly in your ThinkCentre M73, E73, or M72e Small Form Factor Desktop.

** IMPORTANT: To protect against electrostatic discharge, place your machine on a clean, non-conductive workspace, such as a kitchen table or countertop, and use plastic or coated tools when replacing internal components.

For more detailed information on electrostatic discharge and how to prevent it, please watch our “Understanding Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)” video:

Purchase a non-metallic pry tool:

Machine Types Applicable:
M73: 10B4, 10B5, 10B6, 10B7, 10HL, and 10HM
E73: 10AU, 10AW, 10BF, 10DU, and 10DT
M72e: 0900, 0967, 1271, 3578, 3594, 3596, 3598, 3629, 3654, 3660, 3664, 3668, and 3676



  1. You are saying microprocessor but is it the same a a regular cpu , because i want to put an pentium aniversary cpu in my e73 and the i3 in my regular desktop


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