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The Razer Blade Stealth is pretty good, but do you know what could make it better? MORE POWER!

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  1. Blade Stealth GTX: I'm very powerful and small!

    ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm stealthier and have a better keyboard. FOOL! I even have a fun dot matrix! I might not have Thunderbolt 3, but it doesn't matter, since I have an RTX 2060, an 8 core CPU, and HDMI! You cannot defeat m-

    The next Blade Stealth: Are you sure about that?

  2. I just don't understand Razor's pricing… There is only a $200 difference between this and the 15" packed with a RTX2060, HD 144Hz monitor, 9th gen i7 cpu, 512GB SSD + 2.5 slot.

  3. Linus: Too short right shift
    Me: PEOPLE USE RIGHT SHIFT?! Like, seriously, my right shift is huge and I have never ever used that thing, my left pinky does shifting for all the letters

  4. I've never used the right shift key. I am an autocad drafter who use countless numbers of shortcut key combinations. If the right shift key didnt exist, I wouldnt even care.

  5. I've been strolling through the LTT video catalog to help me choose a new laptop. One thing I really notice is that my current laptop is junk tier (which i get since I bought it on the cheap back in 2014) but my god, laptops with MORE than 3-4 hours battery charge? witchcraft, plain and simple.

  6. Yall ever heard about 720p ? this laptop kills it at 1280x720p and with the screen size youre getting the same level of picture quality as if you were playing on a 24" 1080p screen, you know… switch to 720p, max out those settings, enjoy better fps, better graphical fidelity and sometimes even much better temps 🙂

  7. At 9:06 he says that if you need performance + portability, this notebook is a good call. If you can sacrifice one, there are other cheaper alternatives. I do not need the performance (dedicated GPU), but wanted something like this:
    – 16gb RAM
    – i5 / i7 preferably 8th gen or newer
    – great display w/ display ratio 16:10 or 3:2, but 16:9 is still ok
    – full hd at a minimum, more would be better but not necessary
    – integrated intel uhd 620 or MX250 maximum
    – 3 pounds maximum weight
    – 14" would be great
    I don't care for touchscreen, 2-in-1 notebooks, etc.
    If anybody has a suggestion, please send them my way!

  8. In this case, I'd get the 15 inch. I would want a dedicated gpu, but the all day battery is hard to loose. If a gpu in this version lowers the battery to the other systems, it's just better to have the 15 inch.

  9. I have a Razer blade stealth 13 and I don’t how how the fuck to get past 50fps while I’m playing. Someone please help me

  10. When I found out razer came out with the Razer 13 with the 1650 I thought it was a joke at first.. but Lord and behold

  11. I got the mx 150 one and so far it works with gta 5 in all its glory. (just dont open chrome while playying it or youll end up in the blue screen of death)

  12. Need some quick help if possible. Just got a stealth 13 late 2019. when I shut down the laptop both usb ports stay "hot". When I shut down and there's something still plugged into the usb a port or ports they continue to either charge (if it's a phone) or recieve power if it's a flash or usb drive. This happens only after the unit has been powered on already then shut down. If I plug a device in while it's been shut down already no power is going to the usb ports. This was alarming when I first discovered this after waking up in the morning after it was shut down all night (yes it was fully shut down) and the flash drive (san disk Extreme 500) was extremely hot. After noticing this I realized the other issues with phone charging etc. I don't know if this is faulty hardware or just software glitch but I've gone through all the power settings and usb settings and nothing fixes this. Anybody know anything about this? I'm about to exchange for another one, but if this is the normal behavior I'm going to return it for refund. Thanks! Sorry for the long explanation, but think it's important to note.

  13. The right shift key wouldn't be an issue for me, I've always been a left shifter, the only aspect Mavis Beacon failed me in. Otherwise I'd totally get this laptop. If I didn't already own a blade 17 pro. Though I would like something more portable for on the go so I don't have to undock my blade 17.


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