The Dell Precision 7530: Power and Performance?


If you need a mobile workstation that packs as much performance punch as possible, you probably want to peruse the Dell Precision 7530. This is a 15.6” laptop that offers better specs than most competitors in the 15” class, which means if top notch specs are your bottom line, this might be the laptop for you.

Craving more technical details? Click the link to the full written review:

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  1. I recently switched from a m4800 to this: the ports are lacking and the docking-station is still troublesome. Video drivers can be an issue as well (it might be W10 pro related though…). Still, I encountered less issues than my colleagues who went the ThinkPad way…

  2. I think your review was fairly spot on. However even being the 7000 series I wouldn't expect the Matt display to be bright. It's a common trade off and part of what distances a consumer laptop and one designed for work. Still, I do agree it is not the brightest I have used. This hurts battery life along with it being a 4k display. But personally if I needed this high of specs, and portability I would just stick to the Latitude 5491 as it's high end 6 core and Nvidia dedicated graphics tied to a 1080p hit a sweet spot of portability and power. To boot you get a much brighter display that's easy to work with and honestly performance wise I only see a 3% -8% difference in most benchmarks. It flirts with being a mobile workstation without the heft. I share my projects with clients and still have a battery left over. I get that this is a niche product, but unless you absolutely need a 15 inch mobile workstation with insane specs, my desk is better field with a Precision T series, while my backpack is filed with a Latitude series. It's too bad Dell doesn't make a '14 inch model with certified drivers, you gotta go to HP for that and that's something I won't do:)

  3. Last year I bought the 7530. IT IS THE WORST COMPUTER I HAVE EVER OWNED. After 9 months of use, the motherboard crapped out and now the screen doesnt work. This was just one of many problems with this computer. Now, for the last two months I have been tossed back and fourth by Dell tech support to try and fix their garbage, but so far no luck. NEVER BUY A DELL

  4. I am using since Dec 2018. I suggest to browse the Dell Community forums before buying. The main issue is the TB18DC dock – it just doesn't work. Becaue the machine needs 180W power, it needs its own dedicated power supply if using any other dock. The battery seems to last 4h or 6h independently from power settings, ie the mobile GPU draws power all the time. I find the case has too sharp edges, it hurts my wrists all the time. Otherwise quite silent, performance is great for me, especially with undervolting and repasting.

  5. The comparable HP offering is the ZBook G5 15 (rather than the x360). Also, the 7540 (and 7740) should be arriving soon with mobile Quadro RTX.


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