The Cheapest Gaming Laptop GPU – How Good Is It?


Dave2D review of the Nvidia MX150 – the best value for cheap gaming laptops.
MX150 Laptops –

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  1. Apple put this laptop gpu in my iMac…

    Thought I'd check what it can run so that my relative can play games on it (cuz I didn't wanna borrow them my xps 15 haha )

  2. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best gaming graphic card hope it helps you out too!"

  3. Dave!! What do you think is the successor for this laptop or cpu/gpu combination for 2020? Or Is it better to go for a 1060 with 9th gen i7 for the price?

  4. Hey I have the same laptop with i5 7200u and mx150, when I turn on the device the fan doesnt spins until it gets really hot, does your laptop fan is on as soon as you turn on the laptop?

  5. Hey nice video Mr Lee, sorry to say this but I think I found someone who stole your background content take a look here is the link to his video

  6. I just bought the i5-8250u version of this laptop. I can't wait to get my hands on it since I've been using an AMD A8-6410 for the last 5 years. I'm expecting similar (or a bit better) performance than the one from this video.

  7. Hey buddy, by any chance does your laptop get to hot above the keyboard? And if… what would you recommend me to low it down a little bit, I already bought an Scorpion 6 vents cooling pad

  8. I personally have the 940 max version. I highly DO NOT recommend it, it’s horrible for anything. You can’t do anything on it. I can barely play games on it with the lowest settings. It’s getting to the point where my phone can play the game better than my laptop. Overall piece of crap machine DO NOT BUY!!

  9. got the laptop based on your review and im pretty damn satisfied i mainly play sea of thieves and it can play at rare visuals (which is right in the middle) at a locked 60 fps and its great.

  10. MX 150 is surprisingly a very good GPU for laptop. I usually play GTA V at 1080p, 60fps avg. on Low Setting Which almost consumes 1GB video memory, Dont want to stress the nice GPU

  11. I paid 860$ for my laptop but then again it is also in Canadian funds and it is a 17.3" model and i do like gaming on it as well but my version is the i5 8250U which of course has 2 more cores and 4 more threads than the system you reviewed the only problem is the MX150 version is 5% slower than the one you have in the 7200U but also understandable because the 8250U is also a little more powerful than the 7200U and who knows when the Nvidia cloud gaming service becomes more known and available for everyone the more demanding sames you can play it on the cloud and the least demanding games you can play natively.

  12. Thanks for this video! Anthem comes out shortly and I’ll be using the demo to see if it’s playable on my laptop with this GPU!


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