The $19 LED Shoes


So you know how much I love my Yeezy Boosts by Kanye West…well I found an even cooler pair of LED shoes for under $20!

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Buy the $19 shoes:

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These are some weird tech shoes if I’ve ever seen them before. I thought that the Pizza Hut Shoes were cool, but these are even cooler and only $19! You can even buy your own pair for under $20.


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if u see this comment ‘is this the new yzy szn?’



  1. Puberty is comin’ on strong in you huh!
    Is this the new cool now in Fuckwit America.
    Good luck with the depression man, I don’t mean now! That’s coming’ too! 😟

  2. They have new better ones that are high tops and they light up on the top part too. They are called skechers energy lights ultra

  3. The comments are hysterical. You've got serious issues if you are afraid of getting 'made fun of' 😂 you know how childish that sounds? No one cares that your shoes light up? You need to hang out with better people if they are honestly worried so much about your shoes


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