SketchUp LayOut – Getting Started (How to Use LayOut for SketchUp Pro)


There are 7 common mistakes that trip people up when getting started with LayOut for SketchUp Pro. We’ll help you avoid the frustration caused by those mistakes by showing you what you need to do in SketchUp Pro first in order to be successful in LayOut later. And, by the end of this video, you’ll be headed down the right path and on your way to creating design presentations and construction documents with LayOut for SketchUp Pro.

Inside the video, we cover:

1⃣ Why your Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections need to be turned into Scenes in SketchUp before you get to LayOut
2⃣ Ideas for setting up and managing Section Cuts
3⃣ Strategies for using Layers in SketchUp to help you in LayOut later
4⃣ How to combine SketchUp Styles, LayOut Line Scale and Stacked Viewports to manage your drawing’s line weights
5⃣ Why it’s a better idea to draw some of your 2D symbols in SketchUp rather than LayOut

If LayOut looks like the right tool for you, you can try it free for 30 days. Just head over to SketchUp’s website to download the free trial of SketchUp Pro (LayOut is included):

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  1. Do us a favor and let us know: Which of the 7 mistakes was most helpful for you to learn about before getting started with LayOut? Let us know here in the comments.

    Oh, one more thing: Do you have any advice on how we can improve our YouTube channel and videos? Leave a comment and let us know!

  2. Hi ya, I used to do floorplans in Ai with CADtools, but sometimes i do 3d in sketchup for iso drawing, and would like to do the whole thing in Layout. The problem is that i cant do multi pages in different scale in layout when various sizes of drawings are needed.

  3. Hi SketchUp School, thank you for the helpful video! Quick question about layers, can you please elaborate on what you mean by "Don't touch the active layer? Does that mean, always leave the pencil icon next to Layer 0? Are there any other major aspects to this? Thanks in advance!

  4. Thank. This video is filled with practicality.

    I always used different layers to work on to avoid having all the basic geometry linked to Layer 0. It did worked well for me so far, but of course never used LAYOUT before, so I am not sure what trouble would it cause in there. In my models each layer is separated from Layer 0 and I am very organised – by NOW – and I change the layer according to what I am working on, but I learnt it the hard way as it can really mess up your model if you forget to change and also….I could have save a lot of time by not having to change the active layer…….

    One thing is unclear to me about the last advice. You group the 3D first and save to a layer (for example 3D openings). then make the 2D element , group it then save another group (for example "2D SYMBOLS). But do you leave the parent group (created with the 2 previous group) on LAYER 0 or would you have a 3rd LAYER and place them there???? I would think so…

    I use and used many other architectural softwares, but I enjoy visualise in SketchUp most, but never tried drafting in LAYOUT before as I use a separate software to produce plans and elevations. It makes the workflow much slower…..I have to say, I miss the lign types and line weights from LAYOUT, but maybe it is just a question of working out another way to to communicate the technical details…..Maybe it can be sophisticated and pleasant to look at, using different tools.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Dear Sketchup school, I am interested in purchasing your class a lot , However, there is one concern for me that my mother language is not English, I am afraid my English listening is not good enough to understand the full explanation , so I am wondering if your online teaching grogram on your website also provides the translation subtitle choice as youtube?

  6. Super great video! I've been thinking about how using Layout makes our effort on being so meticulous in modelling really worthy! This video is the very confirmation! 2D symbols interaction, genius!


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