SDG #013 Welcome and Update on CC LED Driver (New 3W LEDs)


A quick welcome video for all of my new subscribers, and an update on the constant current LED driver project including some new 3W Bridgelux LEDs from eBay.

A big thank you to mjlorton for his shout-out on his channel!



  1. Sorry i meant to add that these are what the model manufacturers use but they are quite hard to get hold of in the UK

  2. Hi just watched your video and i was wondering if these leds would be suitable for lighting the interior of model buildings on a model railway layout? If so could you let me know which type i should purchase please? Thanks Phil

  3. Great video.just subscribed.can u do a cheap x4 cxb3590 cob grow light build using and explaining how to wire the driver.that would be a great video.just my opinion.

  4. I need your help

    1 have 6 nos. 1watt 350mA CC led light

    Plz help me to calculate driver size and how i have to connect this led to driver .. i have to take 1 driver for 6 leds

  5. If you provide me a blue print of a few leds will be really grateful. I want to power 18 cool white leds, 6 blue leds. Please provide me blue print of both 3 watt and 1 watt led.

  6. Dear Sir,If you don't mind can you help me in building a led light with 1 watt and 3 watt leds for an planted aquarium. I want to use cool white and blue leds both. Want to know what resistors should be used and what power supply to use

  7. Hai, please suggest me the proper driver to connect 2nos 3w led to 12v dc supply
    I would like to modify my vehicle break lamp and the voltage source will be the 12v car battery.
    Spec of led are 2.2 to 2.4 v and 700ma for red
    And 3.2 to 3.4 and 700ma for White.
    Can i connect 2 LED parallel to a 3w driver with an out put of 700 ma?
    Please suggest me the proper driver to connect two 3w led parallel or series.
    Thanks and regards

  8. hi i have 5w uv led n i need 12 of this leds in series and the each led consume 3.4-3.8 v wit 1400ma can u suggest any driver or resistor setup as im using resistor but it get hot wit 12v power supply n this uv box need to run at least 8hours per day

  9. Any ideas on how I can run just two of these “Led/smd Per Bulb 194
    T10 T5 Wedge Base Cool White 12v Dc 1407ww” bulbs off maybe a old
    cell phone changer or a 120 v to 600ma power supply I have, or what I
    need to run these two bulbs from 120 v plug? I want to run just 2 and
    make them be low voltage from 120 v. What I'm trying to do is come up
    with a setup for 2 front porch led lights I made for a kids outdoor
    playhouse. I'd be starting in the house with 120v then running low
    voltage wire to the playhouse. Any suggestions? PS any kind of led would be fine don't need much light just for looks.

  10. Would you be able to point me in the direction of a dimmer/driver?

    I basically have 10 x 3w beads 3.2-4.0v 750mA (max) on one chain

    and again another 4 white 3W beads with 3 x blue 3.2-4.0v 750mA (max) and 3 x 3w red 2.2-2.8v 800mA (max) on another

    I'd like a driver and dimmer (x2) for each series. This is for indoors, so will be wanting an AC (240) input.

    Any advice appreciated.

  11. Need advice. I plan to use 3W 20 red 2,2V and 10 blue 3,6V LEDS, all 700mA. What kind of driver I could use and maybe I can DIY from other devices?

  12. Hi SDG Electronics, i have 2 X 3W LEDs and i have USB mobile charger,
    how many and how much capacity resistors need…?

  13. I got a question any one could answer it what is the limit of how many led can be put together on usb I will have 2 in series with some low resister but how many can I chain together in parallel what number am I looking for here sorry for my ignorance

  14. Would you think a 3W LED with 750 forward current, 3.6V voltage could be
    ran with a 5V 1Amp battery? I only need random flashes, not continuous

  15. Nice work on the lens. Looking forward to the pic program. Quick thought on the construction, I think you use too much heatsink compound. You want to use just enough to smooth any uneven surface, but too much actually creates a barrier to heat transfer.

  16. If you sand the the lens in a linear fashion instead of random orbital you can cause the light to be focused in a slightly ellipsoidal shape. Each scratch leaves a slight raised rib that acts as a lens magnifying the light perpendicular to the direction of the scratches. We use diffusion gels similar to this in theater lighting all the time.

  17. Fantastic channel, look forward to the PIC programming part for the CC power supply,
    Keep up the good work, see my eBay shop for a large range of electronics parts, I will offer you free P&P on any parts you need for the channels videos, all the best, Dave


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