Samsung Notebook 9 Pro (2019) | Unboxing & First Look


I got the 2019 Notebook 9 Pro in 8GB of RAM with the 256GB SSD! I’ll be upgrading to the 16GB of RAM with the 512GB SSD soon, so stay tuned for that video, but I’m geeked about this one! 13.3″ has grown on me over the larger 15″ one I wished was smaller sometimes!

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  1. I actually love the 13" version. I also have the 2017 and was looking to get the latest version of this computer. I started buying this model since 2012 and I have been buying the latest versions ever since.

  2. I love your video and i real;y am convinced to buy this laptop, but the problem is best buy only ships to Canada, Mexico and U.S but i live in South Korea. Do you know any other websites i can buy this laptop with the same price?

  3. This is way better then the new macbook pro. 1300 bucks for only 128gb of storage and 8gb of ram?? In order to get a new macbook with the same specs as this with 512gb of storage and 16gb of ram etc it costs around 2800 bucks and after tax it's around 3k. Its fucking insane. Apple is overpriced asf

  4. Great review👍! Are you the same person who had the review on Best Buy website? Because it sounds like it…(you know about the "laptop crisis" and all) well, if that was you Thank you again! I bought this tablet just because of that, I'm no expert but I've been a laptop girl 4ever and I wanted to get a chromebook @ 1st but didn't like the space, so I came ax this laptop, ordered it and got it today, again cuz of the reviews I went n got the 16gb /512gb not cuz I desperately needed the space or speed, but cuz it is better 2 have it and no needed than d other way around, I do like the touchscreen, super slim, light and the tablet mode I was starving with laptops. It is a bit small but I have small hands and 2 me it's perfect. I had the hp BEATS laptop for years and this was a total upgrade, no more heavy laptops or weird ac adapters. Even though I'm a millennial (born 80's) having seen all the transitions with laptops and tablets this seem like a dream come true, I have the Samsung Galaxy 10 edge phone and will be getting the watch this Christmas, so syncing all this will help for the ultimate Samsung experience. Anyways thanks again and if you did got used to this laptop share any shortcuts or tips, I know we followers will appreciate it 🙂.

  5. On 4:22, notebook side view like a silverside gm GM PD-4103 bus 🙂,_PD4103)_coach,_pic1.JPG#/media/File:1952_GMC_Silver_Eagle_(M3_CQ,_PD4103)_coach,_pic1.JPG

  6. Nice review man 🤣
    I like the fast and confident explanation 😁😁😁
    Greetings from faraway Indonesia 🇮🇩

  7. Lmao, the number of times you mentioned the 15" version. 😆 And it's crazy that you filmed the video using the Galaxy S10.


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