Samsung 920NW 19-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor


Visit for complete specs, pricing, and availability on the Samsung 920NW 19-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor. See for yourself why this 19-inch Wide beauty from Samsung stops people in their tracks. If you’ve been using an ordinary monitor — perhaps even an extraordinary one — the difference will take your breath away. The spectacular SyncMaster 920NW takes digital imagery to an astonishing new level with its 700:1 contrast ratio, 1440 x 900 resolution, 0.285mm pixel pitch and 300-nit brightness. While video experts know those specs mean serious business, our delighted customers know they create new startling new dimensions in shades, colors and detail. And the SyncMaster’s sizzling 5ms response rate gives you ghost-free, smooth-flowing video for DVDs and games. Slim design. Built-in power. Revolutionary performance. Our everyday low price.


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  1. Hey guys i need help with my 920w, i put to sleep one day and 1/3 of the screen went white but i can still see what is on the white area.If anyone knows anything about please email me @

  2. the same thing happened to me, the problem is the backlight. you can buy the parts and repair it yourself or get a new monitor

  3. hi guys, I need your help about this monitor. i was doing something on my pc and monitor just went black, but the blue button shows that monitor is still working, so I switched it off and turn it on and it worked for about 2 seconds and than went black again , please help

  4. Hehe, I just got mine today, checking out if there's anything else I can do with it. I love it! I had an old 15" CRT… horrible. With my new NVIDIA 9800 GT video card and this monitor, my PC games are amazing. No dead pixels or anything. I suggest it! I bought off Tigerdirect too, it's a great site.

  5. Excelent I buy today a 943 NWX and it so good like my other Samsung CRT 17 flat. 8000:1 ratio and woowh the brightness its incredible. Thank you for your work!!


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