Review: Dell's Latitude E7440 – A business Ultrabook set to redefine standards


When Dell’s Latitude 7000 series laptop showed up at our doorstep for review, there was one simple word that came immediately to mind — “Wow”. The new 7000 series machines from Dell are not only a new standard for Dell, but also a new standard for business machines all around. Read on as we take an in-depth look at the design, performance, and value of Dell’s latest creation.

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  1. I'm planning on buying this specific model with none touch screen i5, 8gb ram 128ssd, 1TBhdd for 276 usd. Do you think its worth it?

  2. Hi Sir, is it worthy to buy Dell E7440 of 512 gigs of SSD, 16 gigs of RAM & i7 4th Gen @ ₹48k. and is the keyboard is really messy?? Please Sir, Reply as soon as possible, as I am planning to buy from… Thanks

  3. I just bought one for my mom to upgrade her 5430. Hers is a high res config with an i5 4310u cpu, 8 gb ram and so forth. She'll also love the lighted keyboard and the ability to still use her dock and keep with Windows 7 until I can move her slowly to something like Mint Linux. Really decent device.

  4. I have a question, how is the WIFI card? Is it decent? I'm thinking now to buy a refurbished one. Thanks a lot for any help

  5. Hello, quick question .. why do u said it's not near sony vaio machine when u talk about touch screen? u mean vaio have better touchscreen? By the way great video! thanks.

  6. A Kingston lock port? …you mean a Kensington lock, right? At 2 minutes and 15 seconds into the video you said that. Just thought I'd correct you on that. It is called a Kensington lock, not a Kingston lock.

  7. Dropped my e7440 a couple days ago and my wireless on off switch broke off with the wireless switch turned off is tgere an internal solution to get my wireless back on?If not cani substitute the internal wireless with a usb wireless network adapter? PLease respond back

  8. Have you guys tested the latest Vostro? 
    Particularly the Vostro 5470, which is also billed as a business ultrabook, but much cheaper.  Which would you recommend?

  9. I like latitudes because they are super easy to to upgrade. Solid build and great keyboard. I just wished they offers a better IPS display like some of the Lenovo's

  10. could you tell me where and how did you get this black carbon fiber version please? because when i try to buy it on dell's website, there isn't any option to choose the black version in your video, only silver as a default choice. i really want the black carbon fiber one! >_<

  11. We got a few of these in at work, the full metal construction is extremely nice, wasn't overly impressed with the touch pad though honestly.


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