Review: 160 LED Light for $20


When I last reviewed an LED video light (the Fotodiox LED98A), several people suggested I compare it to the Newwer CN-160, which is very popular and less expensive. When I went looking for the CN-160, I came across this generic version that appeared to be a similar light to the CN, but was ten dollars cheaper. I snapped it up and this video accounts for my findings.

Generic 160 LED video light

Newwer CN-160 LED video light

Fotodiox LED98A video light

Mini ball head

Sony NP-F970 rechargeable battery

Sony NP series battery charger

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  1. i have one of these. still works. you have to push the batteries. mine doesn't get stuck. the prong can be pushed back too.

  2. If you want to remove the flickering of the led panel. You could open op the panel, and check if all the LED's connect to ONE point on the circuit board. All the LED's should be coming back to a central + or positive and and central – or ground. What you could do is place a very large capacitor across those two terminals 220uF to 2800uF. It will probably smooth out all the flickering caused by voltage spikes and drops. General rule of thumb is the bigger the capacitor, the smoother it will get. You could even combine smaller and larger capacitors as each have different response times and smoothing characteristics. As an added bonus, it will probably also increase the battery life, as you'll safe a lot of power during PWM cycles. Hope that helped! Good luck!

  3. 2 pieces of ribbon glued to the inside part of the battery hanging out a little would give you something to pull the battery out with!

  4. just have it in mail and it is trash !
    batteries are loose and also front frame is loose.

    Doesn't light that much either because with built in flash my shutterspeed is 1/200 and with this crap i need to even lower it to 1/125 on low f/stop even… returning it …

  5. I bought thia and I notice no flicker so far. Mu main concern is if its okay for an led to have a green tint to it. Is that normal? The lighting is looking pretty bad on camera and just decent with the pink filter

  6. Do you if these batteries will fit that ?

  7. One easy way to remove the small battery is to put a piece of gift wrap ribbon under it. Then once the battery is loose, pull up on the ribbon.
    The nice thing about the ribbon is it is cheap, non-conductive and weighs almost nothing.
    Many devices come from the factory with a ribbon installed in the battery tray area so this idea is not new to me.
    Tip: to keep the ribbon secure from getting lost, glue one end to the device.


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