Projector Review (3LCD vs DLP short-throw projectors)


Reviews of the Epson 435W 3LCD projector vs Ricoh’s WX 4240N DLP projector. We compare the two projectors side by side and find some interesting differences. More information and details available at these links:

Note: We represent and sell both Epson and Ricoh projectors. This is our own evaluation and we were NOT compensated for our opinion!



  1. so what have people been making for 40 years ?
    nothing but junk i tell you , we where better of 40 years ago
    DLP projection has been out since 1980 , yes 1980
    set it against any projector with a different processor and it still wins
    it's like we're neanderthalers making a pc with acid wires , everything just crumbles while we're sitting in front of it doing nothing

  2. Is there any good (sub 2000$) dlp projectors yet that doesn't have color flickering?
    I hope 3 chip dlp's become cheaper soon, there is no reason for the insane prices of the 3 chip ones. i have watched benq popular models (affordable ones) but I cant buy one because of the annoying flickering colours, hade to go with a LCD.


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