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I saw an average of 10 degrees (F) reduction in heat both on light and heavy use. This reduction in temperature was less than the laptop cooling pad version of this fan. I believe this has a lot to do with how the cooling pad channels the air into a high-pressure bowl underneath your laptop, forcing the air up through the vents. It’s a trade-off for a smaller cooler that is easier to carry around and doubles as a desktop fan.

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  1. 5 degrees celsius is impressive, however it's useless for me as I have card reader, 2x USB 3 and power all at the back. The silly thing should have a 3 or 4 port USB hub and would solve this.

  2. This is just not useful for me. My laptop exhaust is on the back… Then if will suck all the hot air back into my laptop

  3. "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best laptop cooler scafe.shop/tblc2020?mq hope it helps you out too!"

  4. A question: What happens when your laptop evacuates hot air by its backside (under the screen)? You have show a similar laptop in the video but you don't say if this fan work on this laptop or if it doesn't.

  5. Should the fan be blowing cool air back into the laptop ?? Isn't it supposed to be sucking hot air out instead ?

  6. So.. This fan instead of getting the outer air from the side it gets from the top-behind, like exactly where is the exhaust for most gaming notebooks? Why? Throw hot air back into the computer for fun?

  7. Americans and their inefficient Fahrenheit… There is something called celcius and is globally used you know?

  8. Really wanted to buy this but im afraid it will just blow the hot air inside. Any advice? Helios 300 2019

  9. this product is a terrible piece of shit . it make your computer to not blow hot air out and that can damage your laptop. it is so loud from brand new even more loud then mu old laptop and old cooler combined sound ! I don;t know this dud interest and I don't cere , product is a piece of shit don;t spend money on trash products !

  10. does it work on Envy laptop? my laptop is almost complete sealed except a row of tiny centered at the bottom plate

  11. Eric, since lenovo ideapad 330 exhaust fan is at the base/bottom of the laptop, can this cooler efficiently cool the laptop?

  12. I got the idea, but the laptop is pushing the hot air from the back , while the external fan pushes in the cool air….doesn't that makes the external and internal fans work in opposite directions …???

  13. I bought a Lenovo Ideapad 330 with MX150 and I intend to run some games, can the OImaster cooler be a good option for cooling in my case? Thank you!

  14. Externally powered, so not a thermodynamic dead-end or power-supply toaster. My worry is that the Dell dock will be in the way, so I like the pad better.

  15. So… this "cooler" blows air into an EXHAUST through hot radiator in a direction opposite to inbuilt fans to completely kill optimal airflow and make that air even hotter… Nice design.

  16. My ASUS laptop has a 140mm rear air inlet and a 80 mm air outlet on both sides. What is the exact size by which the air of the product circulates

  17. I bought one and it works great. Haven't had any problem with overheating. It keeps your laptop steady so you can use it. You can barely hear the fan on, even on high. I would recommend it. Thanks for the video

  18. I own acer predator helios 300 15.6inch, it has dual exhaust at back, from which the right one has air outlet vent meanwhile what the left vent is for idk, upon checking I can say the air is sucked from surface and I would like to know if this will work?

    I guess this fan will suck the hot air from behind and throw it back in maybe, what are your suggestions?

  19. Hi Erik! Very nice on the review! Love the smoke visuals. You're really creative in making the viewers feel how the fan pushes the air.

    I'm really interested in this cooler but I don't know if this is the right one for my Razer Blade Stealth 2018. It has a built in single fan below. When charging and watching YouTube, It gets hot around 70 to 80 °C but averages around 40 to 50 °C when on batteries only.

    You think these products below are the same as what's in this video?


    Thanks in advanced!

  20. Putting it at the back of a PS4 is a HORRIBLE idea, the console pushes air OUT of those vents, it doesn't PULL air in!…

  21. WOW, did anybody else notice that he's not showing the before and after he turns on the fan, he just say's what the before was and show's the after. If anybody's take his word because he took the time to make a video, there are more gullible people out there then I thought. Why didn't I think of doing this, Say the before and show the after, everybody should believe me, cause I showed the after result and not the before, RIGHT?


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