Pen and Ink Drawing Tutorials | How to draw a leaf and leaves




How to draw a leaf and leaves as a part of learning how to draw landscape, scenery and land features | This tutorial provides pen and ink drawing tips and techniques on how to draw a leaf or leaves individually, in groups like on a branch or on a tree as a part of a landscape. The key is to vary the amount of detail you provide and use certain techniques such as overlap, curvature, and visualizing as basic forms.



  1. Great teacher, let me ask you…. do you have your own book about leaves ?… please let me know….. do yo do scrolls also ?

  2. Fabulous discussion on the shape of leaves – really felt it was allowing me to paint and understand the process

  3. I have so much trouble with perspective and volume. I am a baby learning to draw. You really explain and demonstrate in a way I can understand. Thank you so much!

  4. Alphonso, that was a dynamite tutorial I was total engrossed in your lesson. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Alphonso,
    I've watched your tutorials on how to draw trees, flowers and now leaves. You are a very talented artist and an astute teacher. Thank you for sharing your knowledge through your videos. Much happiness, Teresa

  6. Thank you for your great, clear tutorials. This old woman (66) is getting back to drawing and you have definitely given me more confidence!

  7. Why do people say "lame" Even this is freaking useful? Ah, Thank you for the video! I wish you could be my art teacher at school 😀

  8. Thanks for sharing stuff like this. One of my biggest difficulties when I "sit down to draw" is that I have no idea of what to draw, how to start, or what is "too hard", etc. It seems like all the real artists in the world – my wife included, who doesn't "study" drawing at all and has had zero training – just sit down and naturally start drawing something that looks awesome. It's a struggle for me. So, I default to "cubes" and "circles" and "basic forms" just so that I'm putting ink on paper, and it's rather frustrating. But you offer hope. For instance, I'm just now seeing your "seashells" tutorial, and I'm like "Hey, that's ANOTHER thing I need to learn and add to my repertoire." I'm going to buy your book more as a THANK YOU than for the book – although I need it and it will be wonderful – because I love your amazingly informative videos and the fact that I LIKE the style of drawing you teach. Call me a fanboy, I dunno. But I really, really mean it – THANK YOU.

  9. You are such a good teacher! I have not seen a single artist on Youtube providing as much value as you are. Bought your book, can't wait to receive it!

  10. I appreciate you not rushing through your tutorials. It gives people time to absorb the process. You are very clear in your explanations in addition to being a wonderful, talented artist.

  11. You are the BEST and funniest art teacher.Your videos have opened my minds eye to new ways of seeing the world around.I really do enjoy learning from you sir.Keep 'em flowing.

  12. thank you so much Alphonso! Another great tuorial. I get about uses different shapes and letting the brain fill in. That is how I've been doing my foliage for trees and rose bushes. Although you taught me how to add more volume and shading! Ty, ty!

  13. i'm having a really hard time with bushes, like wildflower bushes in a nature landscape. freehand drawing is not my strong suit, but with practice i've gotten better. i loved the advice on volume and curves. thx!

  14. I have really been struggling with leaves. I see now I try and add way, way, too much detail. Thank you! Your videos have helped me move past doodling (which is still fun) to trying to actually draw something, and it look like something 🙂


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