One UI 2.0 Launcher Installation For All One Ui Devices !!!


AppClone Apk Link

One Ui 2 Home Apk Link

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Install IOS on Any Samsung Device ( No Root )

Money Heist Custom Red Theme With Dark Mode Support


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  1. Doesn't work for me. Crashes instantly and loops. Used latest app cloner and did everything step by step in this video diligently. I'm using Samsung Note 8 with latest software updates to date.
    Edit: Worked for me when I pressed Always. Not one time only

  2. Open one ui home and it crashes close one ui home 2.0 and go old home next wait 30 min and open one ui home 2.0 home again it not crash I tried and I am not failed

  3. Hey im on my s8 and it would show my background and black back and forth. I dont think it works. I tried the updated one the website one said to get and also tried the exact link you gave. Both do same. Regular one ui works fine
    EDIT: Just pressed always and it worked lol


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