My Favorite Mini PC For Emulation $100 Lenovo M93P – Refurb And Test


These tiny Lenovo m93p computers are great for emulation and if you can find one for around $100 I personally think it’s well worth the price. With an Intel i5 4570T and Intel 4600 graphics this machine handles all of the popular emulators like Dolphin for Gamecube and Wii, PPSSPP for PSP, Retroarch for N64, SNES, Saturn, Naomi, Atomiswave, and Readram for Dreamcast!
I recently picked up another m93p for $50 from a local thrift store and In this video, I add more ram an SSD and clean up the old thermal paste then I show you how it performs with my favorite emulators running Windows 10.


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  1. I usually keep my old builds when I change pc then recycle them into '' less powerful'' pc for my friends and family or turn them into emulation station

  2. I picked one of these up for 4 with windows 10. I installed android on it and love it for a streaming device and emualtion

  3. Bonjour @ETAPrime
    Merci pour tes superbes vidéos.
    Je souhaiterais me procurer ce PC pour de l'émulation et remplacer mon Pi3. Quelle serait la configuration optimale et maximale réalisable pour ce M93P tiny et profiter d'un maximum de consoles ? Merci d'avance 🙏

  4. There's a heap of the larger form factor ones coming onto the market in Australia now but they're closer to $200AU over here. Absolutely loved Timesplitters 2 on Gamecube, still have the machine and disk laying around in storage.

  5. Have one with E3-1275l v3 (fast cpu with abysmal graphics) and another with i5-4590t (ok cpu with decent graphics). The former runs Manjaro, and the latter runs Windows. Very handy for daily stuff and generating junk traffic for my home virtualization lab.

  6. I really fell in love with this tiny computer from many months ago, but never could find it at a reasonable price where I live, in europe. All of them are +150€ and come with 4GB memory and 500Gb HDD. It's ok because I plan to use Linux with it, but I'm not willing to pay that. I love retroboxes and I want something that can actually use Mednaffen (Saturn included) and also Gamecube. My actual box is a J1800 that I could fix for free from a customer a while ago, but I can't play Gamecube, let alone Saturn, it works 7-10fps :(, although the other emulators run pretty well.

  7. I love your YouTube channel so much. Thanks for doing these vids, I used to distribute these Lenovos as "thin clients" for customers to connect to terminal servers with back in the day (not that long ago).

  8. Does anyone know if you can use an "EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti" with the ThinkCentre M92P Intel Core i7 (3.40 GHz) mid-tower which has 280Watt power supply?

  9. I know emulation likes single thread performance but I can't help but wonder if upgrading the processor to an i7-4765t or an i7-4750hq would help it with the harder to emulate games.

  10. For this level of emulation and general usage on such a machine 4 Gb of ram is enough, i got two machines running 4 Gb on an up to date windows 10 install and neither had ram limitation problems. 8 Gb is needed when you start throwing heavier tasks, like gaming (though that IGPU is going to limit you way before RAM in most cases) photoshop or video editing.

  11. great video I was actually looking at on of these units… these machines run emulators better in Linux based systems?

  12. cool video, however pcsx2 runs fantastic when you config it properly, sliding that preset over is never a plausible fix, or performance boost.

  13. The emulation scene os fascinating. For each 10 hours we out into setup and library management, we do 10 minutes of gaming


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