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I wanted an external monitor for my laptop and DSLR. So I show you how I took apart an old HP laptop and created a portable monitor from its screen. I mounted the monitor to a piece of acrylic and bought the correct controller and screwed it to the back side. I have a standard laptop power input and an XT-60 power connector for a Li-Po battery, which I use when I’m away. It’s great!



  1. Any and all STL Files for this project are now available for download on my website! I also apologize for the Anakin quote. It was something of a running joke at work, because hey, how often do things actually work perfectly on the first try? I'm big on movie quotes, so… yeah. You'll come across one frequently. Even bad ones.I'm also so sorry about the audio issues. It's far too late now to do anything about it, and I certainly understand all your frustration, but I sure appreciate your sticking with me on this one.

  2. You need a knowledge in electronics in order to do this in your broken laptop. I have same problem with my Lenovo laptop but I cannot follow this steps.

  3. Sorry im late but i wanted to turn my old laptop into a second monitor for streaming so i disasembled an old lenovo and got the panel and plan on ordering controller but im confused on how to power it? (Note i want it to be power straight from the wall power outlet not a battery and dont want to spend too much money.

  4. I have a couple of Lenovo X-220 I7 from an admin that had renew is parc. I consider to add a second monitor from a spare one to combine them as a large portrait display to better assist me for text composition. How do get display parts information and where to order controler to be sure is a viable add-on, maybe from Lenovo controler are already somewhere on the main board Thk

  5. I feel like I'm back in school watching an instructional video on a tube TV sitting on a wheeled cart connected to a vcr

  6. OK…$24.00 dollars for component, then radio shack nic nacks probably another $15.00, time involved with ALL THE DAMN SCREWS.. then drillling and this and that and thus… total spent 5 hours and $39.00 dollars.. alternativs you say? GOOD WILL THRIFT SHOP a nice 19 to 24 inch LCD monitor… probably …..hmmm… $30.00 dollars? what would you do?

  7. Great video. Have you done this using a tablet screen? I have a nice Samsung tablet but is just that: NICE because it only has 2GB RAM and it runs Windows which is more hardware demanding than Linux. So I want to use the screen from the Samsung Tab A with a Raspberry Pi and 4 GB to run a few car specific utilities suchas maps, run the backup camera etc.

  8. Hi Mike Thompson.. Nice vid u got there bud… Ty for taking time to make it..

    such information, much wow… insert cute doggo pic here

  9. That's actually a really good design, I've been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to work out how I was going to build mine, this is a really versatile and best of all portable design. I'll be hopefully using a small step up converter so I can run mine off a 2a usb plug though. Thanks for the inspiration

  10. build a death ray!! will those controllers / control boards work with screens with CCFLs, or only LED Backlights? Thank you for your great video!  that video cable that connects to the upper jack, on the back top of the screen, that came with the controller? Thanks

  11. Hi Mike! I really liked your video, I was wondering if I could be able to do a secondary external monitor the same way from a touch screen? Thks!

  12. I tried pulling this off but when everything was plugged in the screen was unresponsive. Not sure what is wrong. The controller light indicates it's on/off when I use it's buttons.

  13. hi.Mike. I also want to make same project for my self. I need 3D print files of parts which you use in your project. can you send me these 3D print files ? thanks .see.u


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