Liquid Metal Laptop Cooling – 20C LOWER!


Can the lower temps of liquid metal be worth the chance of bricking your laptop?

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  1. I thought i'll never hear my acer v3-771g fan stop and be silent again.

    That's what just happened!! The peacefulness!!

    Thanks for the reccomendation #Linustechtips

  2. How to cool a HP OMEN LAPTOP DC0085tx , this laptop heats over 90*C both the CPU & GPU under normal usage and as well as heavy gaming , pls help me fix it ?!.

  3. with the liquid application i was like "well… i would NEVER apply it like that. this stuff spills like crazy".

    Linus says "very very gentle application" and stuff and i am still like in disbelieve "this is… really ballsy stuff guys. you really can apply liquid metal directly? … amazing… wow…"

    and then this. what a shocker 😀 I knew you would probably fuck up but i really didnt expect it.

  4. My gpu reaches 100°C when playing GTA Online, and it stutters like hell, is it worth it to replace the thermal paste with liquid metal?

  5. Many of the liquid metal thermal compounds contain gallium, highly reactive with aluminum and will also react with copper, the stuff you used will etch/pit the copper something not desirable.

  6. Was that heatsink copper or nickel? Been reading that liquid metal mess up copper heatsinks & cooling will decrease quickly over time.

  7. 5:10 – that's what I did first time when I bought liquid metal, but thanks god not in PC, I tried out from PC before and it was smart. 😀


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