Let's Make a FanSign!! *Suga Edition*

안녕 친구들!! ((open for more cool stuff!))

As you all know I made a noteworthy Suga sign for KCON to show my love for dear Syub, and LOTS of you commented on it in person which made my heart flutter!!
On a whim, I recorded my process, and fortunately for some of you who requested a tutorial, here’s what I did!!
It was super fun making it, and I promise it’s not as hard as I made it seem because literally I’m such a perfectionist it takes me like 5x longer to get anything done LOL
As you can tell, it’s not quiiite the usual fan sign to have lol…
Yoongi, if you see this…..hi, it’s me. it’s THAT girl with the embarrassing pic of you kekeke–mianhaeyo ‘:)

I hope you all enjoy my process, if you have any questions, don’t be shy to comment!!
If you decide to make a sign too, tag/at me on social media so i can see!! 🙂
Thanks for watching! xo, J.


** USE WHAT U HAVE AT HOME! DON’T GO OUT AND BUY WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE & CAN USE!!! 99% OF THE THINGS I USED WERE ALREADY IN MY CRAFT STASH!!** yes, i know, it’s weird i own all this stuff already but i’m an art kid and do a lot of projects ok XD

– Elmer’s Black Foam Board (sturdier than card material, especially if you’re putting lights in // they actually sell it in different sizes now but I just used some leftover from a school project lol)
– ArtSkills Poster Lights from Michaels Craft Store (20 white LED lights on a string, I’d recommend using more lights and putting them closer together so it’s more noticeable from far away!!) (ALSO BATTERIES!! bc the lights don’t come with batteries)
– X-Acto knife and/or box cutter (any sharp precision blade will do!)
– Rulers (if you’re a perfectionist like me)
– Glitter & Tweezers (adding glitter is completely optional, so is the fine-ness of glitter. I only had super fine glitter for card making in my stash so I just used that instead of going out to buy more)
– Scissors (thinking back I didn’t really use these…but it’s always good to have scissors when crafting ok u never know)
– Letters/Pictures/Symbols/Sign Bonus thingys (I planned, cropped, and sized all the images to perfection in photoshop before printing so it would be the right size for me! LOTS OF MATH LOL. but I’m a perfectionist…trial & error works too! I had to do a lot of it too lol. I printed it on photo paper bc it’s more sturdy and takes the ink from my printer better…also I didn’t have any white cardstock for printing, only photo paper–again, I didn’t want to have to go out and buy things I didn’t need)
– Cardstock (for your letters/symbols/faces. you can honestly use whatever you feel makes the colors of your pieces appear better etc etc)
– Adhesive (to put everything together! Like I said, I don’t have like liquid glue or glue sticks so I used double-sided tape & Triple Thick Clay Glaze, which I alrEADY HAD)
-Hole Puncher (for holes in your letters. optional, most people don’t punch holes before lol)

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