Lenovo YOGA 510 14" FULL REVIEW


So after about a year of owning the yoga 510, I decided to make a review. This is following the previous successes of my unboxing of the laptop.

In this video, I will be reviewing the Lenovo yoga 510. This laptop has an AMD A9-9410 APU, 8GB of RAM, 1TB HDD, and Windows 10. It is very portable, and slim, making it easy to travel with. It will easily fit into rucksacks or other bags. As this is a 360 laptop, it can flip around very easily. You can choose whether to have it in tablet mode, casual laptop mode, tent mode, and finally, stand mode. The tablet mode essentially turns it into a windows tablet.

It has, in total, 3 USB ports (2x USB 3.0) (1x USB 2.0). One HDMI output. One 3.5mm audio jack. One ethernet port. Bluetooth 4.0, and WIFI.

The Lenovo has a glass display. More specifically, an anti-scratch surface. I have tested this with a nail, and it has so far ‘stuck to its word’.

The metal shell makes the laptop feel very strong, and sturdy. The matte finish and its contrast with the silver accents, not only gives the laptop a personality, but makes it look very smart. However, there is a downside to this. When I measured the YOGA, it clocked in at 1.78 kg, this is obviously not the lightest. Although this is not much of a problem to me, as I do not travel with it often.

The battery life is reasonable, and the built in webcam is of a decent quality. The same goes for the keyboard. I find that the keys have a nice press to them.

The trackpad is ok. As there is not a physical divider between the buttons and the pad, it is very easy to accidentally put both fingers on the pad. I have had a few times where this has interfered with my work. It is ok though as on the internet, all it does is scroll down.

I have found that playing video games can be a little bit laggy. You just have to make sure that the video settings are turned down enough to make it run smoothly. My opinion is a bit biased, as on my desktop, I always have the settings on full.

Overall, I highly recomend this laptop to anyone. (Maybe not hardcore gamers). It is versatile, and fast. Please feel free to suggest video ideas in the comments. As always, Subscribe, Like and Comment. Links to Twitter and Instagram will be here:



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