Lenovo Vibe K4 Note: Tear Down, Parts View and Assembly Video


This Video show you how to tear down the Lenovo Vibe K4 Note, with simple tools at your home.

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Sometime it is easy to solve problem with your phone just by reconnecting the cables. Like if the charger is not working, we unplug and then plug the charger again. Similarly most of the problems in mobile phones are solved by disconnecting and connecting the connectors back. In this video episode, I am showing you that, how you can solve the biggest problem only by dis-assembling the phone. Like loudspeaker is not working, charging, data cable, touch, LCD etc not working. These problem can be solve by physical checking the components. Now for checking those components physically, you need to open the phones, and here this video helps you.

Here I show you that,
1. how to dis-assemble the mobile phones,
2. Parts Location
3. Solving common problem related to part failures
4. Parts Replacement
5. Tricks and Tips
6. DIY repairs
7. assembly
and many mores.

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  1. My mobile k4 note unknowing droped in water but everything's works fine except sim signals but its showing may I know what problem???

  2. NEED TEARDOWN OF LENOVO K3 NOTE : Hello sir i have a lenovo k3 note and recently i came to know that my phone is not getting connected to pc or no otg is working even the charging is taking more time. i have checked the software(android M) by ressetting and also opened the phone, but their is no clue ? the phone is working perfectly including the usb port(slow charging). please help me on this issue. thanks in advance


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