Lenovo Unboxed: ThinkPad W530 laptop


Most powerful ThinkPad ever–end of story. Meet the latest beast/mobile workstation in our mighty ThinkPad W Series. Learn more:

Nguồn: https://freecode.com.vn/


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  2. This would be perfect for me if it had touch screen or more importantly the OneLink Dock connector. Even with that said it's still a nice machine and will get one some day, some day. 

  3. You could always get those things after-market and sell the original hardware. And the W530 still has the thinklight.

  4. whoo! 20 000th viewer!
    I really think that Lenovo should keep a few ThinkPads with the original (non-"precision") keyboard, full TrackPoint buttons, magnesium roll cages, drainage holes, ThinkLights…
    The new laptops are great innovations, but some users may still enjoy traditional ThinkPads.

  5. When do they plan on getting bigger ssd options? I'd like to put a 512 or run dual 512s if I get this puppy over a retina display MacBook Pro

  6. Lenovo website has so many different brand names LEVYGXHUWT.
    Targeted Names for People

    ThinkPad laptops just have 6 classes:

    1. ThinkPad Tough T540 for Tough/Bussiness (ill go for "B" but "T" already has goodwill)
    2. ThinkPad Work W540 for Worksation
    3. ThinkPad Game G540 for Gaming (Y500 type thing)
    4. ThinkPad Lite L440 for Lite (Macbook Air 13 inch type thing)
    5. ThinkPad Net N340 for Netbooks (google Chrome type)
    6. ThinkPad Casual C540 for Casual/Student/Cheap laptops for Emerging Markets

  7. I think I can answer that : Battery life. If you have anything less than 8 hour battery life on "W" series it's a FAIL. Putting K5000M will shrink the battery life to 2 may be 3 hours!. This is not intended to be a gaming machine. More of a BYOD or company provided performance machine for work for professionals. I am a web programmer(.NET ,C# AND VS2012) and actively looking for my HP HDX16t replacement. W530 is one of the choice, feel free to share your recommendation.

  8. i just wanna say that i got one of w530 few days ago and for those who hesitate: dont 🙂 If ure an architect or u deal with graphics – this machine is for you.

  9. Why did Lenovo find it necessary to combine the headphone and microphone jack? I've got a standalone mic and now I can't use it with this unit.

  10. Regarding the discrete video and the comment that it's never going to be a standout gaming machine: Alienware has much more powerful video chips in some machines and Nvidia even makes 3 more powerful Kepler GPUs than what is available with the W530. Why is this box not available with the K5000M or the ATI 7970 like the "gaming" laptops? I have the W530 myself with the i7-3920XM and K2000M and it goes like stink and is certainly "passable" on anything I've thrown at it game-wise.

  11. love my W530! but just out of curiosity, how much different is it from the W520? lots of people at my college still use them despite the 530s being distributed currently

  12. The only things missing are the extra row of keys, e-sata combination port, and telephone modem seen on the W520

  13. I got an interview at Lenovo and to be honest I never heard of them before this interview.
    Seems very impressive.
    I wonder if they will accept me ^^


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