Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold hands-on at CES 2020


It’s been more than seven months since I first laid eyes on Lenovo’s foldable tablet PC prototype, and the company is now ready to launch the world’s first laptop with a folding screen. The device also finally has a name — the ThinkPad X1 Fold — and Lenovo walked us through the painstaking process of putting such a tricky machine together. But first, we got some time with the new folding tablet to get a taste of the experiences it can offer.

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  1. I am not a programmer nor a developer in any shape or form. But I am still very interested in this. Probably going to buy it.

  2. people may expect it to be a pc that can transformed to tablet. so it'd better supply not only android but also window

  3. It's gonna be very salty. And it's still first generation. Keyboard should charge itself via wireless charge while attached to the screen. Stand accessorie looks ridiculous for a innovative device like this.

  4. It's a good first try. Since it's a foldable, can't they make the screen bigger? Like 18 to 20 inch unfolded? Also they need to put Linux on it.

  5. Where is the army of consumers that are so annoyed by bevels on displays that would pay for this thick monstrosity? I am not sure but this is a solution that is still looking for a problem.

  6. The design language is so outdated and ugly. Good idea slapping a thinkpad logo on it…so it can look right out of 2003 and not complain. First gen is looking bleak….I'll wait on a think foldable chrombook. I want a 12" laptop form factor and a 17" fold-out. That would be amazing!

  7. Lenovo is over thinking it by adding PC hardware and a thick build. This is made for a slim chromebook. Nobody is going to use this as a desktop. This could be as thin as a traditional portable. Windows isn't made for mobility.

  8. I swore this model was not going to carry a physical keyboard and illuminate us to an all screen keyboard experience. Though I wonder how feasible its for designers to incorporate haptic feedback sensors on the whole screen, while also implementing fingerprint unlock features besides a portrait scanner. I'm determined Lenovo's X1 Fold prototype is targeted to the premium line of supplementary peripheral user base.

  9. This is more stupid unnecessary shit. With folding displays. About as important as Quadra phonics was in the early 1970s. And 5.1 surround in the early double oughts. Totally unnecessary. A waste of time, money, natural resources. In other words. Stupid shit. With no bearing on real life. A show designed only for the very stupid wealthy. And the very poor dimwitted.

    Now Sony producing a car? Not a bad idea.

    And until we can roll up a screen into a scroll. I'm not interested. A crease between two pages of a book? What are we supposed to do with that? What a horrid thought. It's almost like you would have to break them up into 2 separate pages? And how could we ever live with that kind of confusion? As it will require 2 clicks instead of one. And where will people find that time? They have important messages to answer. Like what they might be having for dinner a week from now. Or that new blouse that Margaret Got. How lame is that? And that crease down the center of a digital book. Ugh. What would my friends say if they saw that? They would all make fun of me. And then I would need therapy. Boo-hoo who.

  10. The reporter seems nice but she is really lacking charisma. Coupled with the boring corporate music, these videos are becoming a bit of a slog.

  11. 2.2 lbs is supposed to be heavy??? I would hate to see the weights you use at the gym, 1lbs in each arm ;/ seriously, my laptop is a power house and comes in at 9.6 pounds and i am fine with that for the mobile power and storage i get

  12. and how much light/bright clouds you have on screen? I have thinkpad yoga and from repair to repair it be more and more bad. in the end I get shine display from lenovo .never Lenovo bull shit again

    with current gen foldable screens we are no where near ready come back to this when you can make the screen much harder yet flexible. I am no material science expert but that sounds really difficult or expensive to make so we might even be going in the wrong direction.

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  15. As with women, looks well on the outside, and you do not know the inside until you use them. Also, not slim enough and a bit thick.


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