Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Review: An indulgence worth giving into


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Full transparency: I’ve got something of a complicated relationship with ThinkPads. Once upon a time, I was what you might call a “fanboy.” Over the course of my life, I’ve had five of them. In fact, I’ve never actually purchased any other brand of laptop. But about four years ago I bought an X1 Carbon, and the experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I had to send it back to Lenovo for repairs four times in the first two years. That included having both the motherboard and keyboard replaced. Now, the screen is literally falling off. So I’m coming into this review pretty skeptical of Lenovo’s quality control. Obviously, I can’t say for sure how it will hold up over time, but I will say this: The X1 Extreme makes one hell of a first impression.

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  1. Not the extreme but tried regular x1 carbon and the trackpad disappointed me. Wish they could slap apple like trackpad in x1 at least in 2020.

  2. I still can’t get past the fact that the Microsoft Surface and the Dell XPS have no HDMI port. That is an absolute travesty. Lenovo remains the GOAT laptop. Heck, even my $500 IdeaPad has a fricking HDMI port. Definitely gonna eventually buy a ThinkPad

  3. I'm switching to a x1 extreme from a xps 15. Buyers beware the XPS 15 design is cheap and not durable. You can find plenty of reviews of the hinges breaking (like mine ) in less than two years. STAY AWAY FROM DELL

  4. Yeah I kind of feel that the inclusion of the trackpoint is mostly a branding thing. The red trackpoint in the center of the keyboard is just too iconic. But in reality, I have 0 idea how there's still people that actually swear by the trackpoint for practical use. Sure you can keep your hands on the keyboard while you use it, but is it really that hard to swap a hand between your keyboard and trackpad, especially when the trackpad is lightyears more precise? It just feels like a relic of the past due to older trackpad's being really bad back in the 90's and early 2000's.

  5. Try up to thousand open browser tabs at once- if you want to see RAM used up (not speaking for this model, but for my 8year old T520. But I assume it could be the biggest consumer even here).

  6. If you're not doing Video rendering, why would you want to dole out for 32gbs of Ram ?
    Even high end gamers really don't need it, its money better spent on some extras

  7. Great video, not sure i need the X1 Extreme but it's looking like Thinkpad is a good fit for me

  8. Dell makes a good computer, however going through Dell HELL for support stops me from buying any computer made by Dell

  9. Shaddap about quality control already, especially when you are comparing it to a Dell. I've bought many Thinkpad's for myself and others in the office and only once did we have an issue and it had to do with a specific driver. I also bought 2 Lenovo Yoga's (not the Thinkpad version) and gave them to my wife. Once you get used to the Thinkpad keyboard anything else feels cheap and difficult to type on. I personally have a X1 Carbon 4th gen and the keyboard it fantastic. My only complaint is the screen could be brighter and after a couple years it's starting to flicker at times. But its a great machine overall.

  10. Hi, could you help me to clarify a point please? I have a back pain and I am working as a consultant, I need to travel every day. You mention to charge laptop over usb-c, I wonder that with USB-C charging at least how much watt is necessary to go on working with laptop? (I mean how much watt was being provided with the usb-c charger which you used) Thank you

  11. I bought one and Lenovo quality control failed me this time. The construction is honestly horrendous and cracks with any little movement.

  12. How good is adjusting the brightness with 400 or 500 nits? Can you really adjust it fine enough? Because the nuances in Windows are always the same and so a laptop with 500 nits cannot be adjusted in the same fine way as e.g. 250 nits, right? Thanks for your review!

  13. I need a laptop for making beats and doing some graphic work, what’s my best options this the dell xps or a Mac pro?


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