Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Notebook 2014 Review


This is our review of the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon. It has quite a few new features including the gorilla glass protected contextual function row. It really has all the hallmarks of an excellent business oriented ultrabook.

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  1. Meh Lenovo blatantly ripping far superior MacBook pros touchbar and came up with something uglier. So not original.

  2. echem echem. My t570 meets the ultrabook standard, but is has got 3 usb 3 ports, full size ethernet, full size hdmi, a usb-c/tunderbolt 3 combo connector and an sd card reader

  3. instead of a proper row of keys, we get this bullshit LED strip? no, hell fucking no. this is a business laptop, don't fuck around with that shit.

  4. I assume its normal for the "Ultrabooks" to not come with any way to add a multi-media drive other than using an external one, just like a netbook?  I guess really the multi-media drives anymore just aren't used very much because of all the other storage media (i.e. USB Flash Drives, external hard drives, etc).  

    I'm looking at a Lenovo Thinkpad, but not the Carbon, I want a regular laptop…I don't care if it weighs a bit more….I just don't want another brick like my old Alienware 17" laptop was LOL.  From what I've seen and read the Lenovo Thinkpads are pretty descent laptops…looking at a T-series just haven't decided for sure its mostly going to be an office/home-office laptop no games so I don't need an expensive laptop…even looking at the used & off lease market.  

  5. Great review tnx! I am in the market for an ultrabook and i am between this laptop and Asus Zenbook UX301LA which has about the same specs but i can't decide. Which one u suggest me?? Thanks!


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