Lenovo ThinkPad T430s Review


Today I’m taking a look at the Lenovo T430s, unfortunately due to some manufacturing defects I will be returning the laptop. It has the latest intel ivy bridge processors, specifically the 3320M, coupled with integrated HD 4000 graphics. Thanks for watching

edit: can’t get the buttons below the trackpad to work, I assume it is another defect.

Points to consider:

Still has a good, sturdy and robust feeling chassis
Screen quality is mediocre, below average quality
Speakers are bad, I can’t imagine worse, but they are reasonably loud
Keyboard seems nice, has good feel too it, better than most
Battery life is poor for this class of notebook, but it weighs less than average
Easy to expand memory or storage, and lenovo offers lots of customization options
Wifi cards are bios locked
Supports mSATA (SATA2) for either SSD, or WWAN card


Not a bad computer for less than $800, in that class it has some features that make it stand out such as good chassis, good keyboard, and good styling. But if you compare this notebook to others in the $1,300-$1,800 it quickly looses its appeal due to lackluster screen quality, poor trackpad, poor speakers, and poor battery life. Also, I’m convinced that for 90% of users, the HD 4000 is better than the NVS 4200.

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  1. I learned a long time ago that there is no one perfect laptop but my Lenovo’s come close. Their backlit keyboards spoiled me.

  2. Looks like you received a used or refurb’d laptop. My T430S is a few years old and is not warped and cosmetically in better condition. I have a T410, a touch screen Ideapad w/I7 processor. My main laptop is my I7 W530. I love all 4.

  3. I'm about to buy T430s but I want to be sure if this computer supports 4,000 meters above sea level(msnm).
    Lima Peru

  4. Weird, with only a dual core and no Nvidia GPU there should have been a 65W PSU included with the notebook. 90W is for models with Nvidia discrete graphics and 135W is for Nvidia + Quadcore models (and let's not forget the 170W monster of the W series).

  5. No I didn't want to use it once I saw the screen in person. I'm pretty sure their excuse is that its just a business laptop so it doesn't need a good screen, but you would be hard pressed to find a worse screen in any other modern laptop. I really liked the keyboard and the nifty thinklight, but overall, I was disappointed, I was thinking I was going to get a high end laptop for cheap, but it was just a cheap laptop. I'd rather they increase the quality, even if it means a higher price.

  6. did you have it replaced, their really nice with warranty and stuff. my cpu fan made noises and they came over to my house and replaced it. so you should have definitely had it replaced if someone had jizzed over the keyboard before shipping it to you.

  7. If China wants to sell stuff to the west, they better improve their quality. They've now graduated from cheap Chinese junk to quality products.

  8. i have a lenovo b950 and also dissapointed me a bit this brand… very bad speakers and annoying screen compared to my old samsung notebook that failed and every point over time, but was wonderful while it worked… so screw samsung, screw lenovo…

  9. sometimes you have to work with with lenovo a bit in order to fix all their issues out of the box…my E420 had some poorly responding keys when i first got it as well. the important thing with Lenovo is that their support has been excellent for me so far. if you ever have to send the machine in, they overnight you a box, then you send it back with their prepaid overnight shipping, then they fix it within 24 hours and overnight i back to you. so about 3 days max per repair.

  10. I have had 4 HPs over the years… so far so good. Unless want a laptop with a pointing device I think HP is the best bang for the buck.

  11. I already had a HP a Dell a Sony… My Thinkpad T530 is far better than all these!.. Cold ICE superSILENT notebook. (the heat and noise of these others always made me go crazy!!!)

    Hey bro, have 3 configurations of screen resolution and quality on these models, probably you got the worst of them. By the way, I love my screen! Have I really good angle resolution!!!

    The keyboard is the best notebook keyboard I ever touch! just the BEST

    Really light weight! I recomend.

    (HPs are cocksuckers!)

  12. It was mediocre in all aspects, even straight on I did not like that screen at all, very irritating to look at IMO.

  13. do you say the screen is mediocre because of the viewing angles or the way it looks. because I don't care as much about viewing angles as I do about the screen looking good and Im thinking about buying one of these soon.

  14. Yup, i agree store brands such as hp, samsung, toshiba, etc are all consumer cheap quality laptops. Thinkpads and Macs are top of the line.

  15. i have the Lenovo g580 and it has intel hd graphics 3000 mobile and i get 6.3 score in gaming on windows experience index and you got with intel hd graphics 4000 and u got 6.5 score, how is that possible?

  16. I love Think Pad's, but you definitely need to send that back and get a replacement. I've never seen that happen before.

  17. I know what you mean, something about the look of the thinkpad texture, just want to get your hands on it!

  18. I agree to many here. New Thinlkpad keyboard suks !! I think Lenovo changed it to include backlit options. High time to call / consult with IBM and do some redesign !!


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