Lenovo Tablet FIX – TAB2 A10-30 Screen touch replacement by CrocFIX


Another video from CrocFIX. In this video tutorial I’m going to show you,
how to replace your broken, cracked LCD Screen on the LENOVO TAB2 A10-30.

Replacement PARTS and TOOLS you can BUY here:

LCD Screen Assembly –
Craft Knife –
E-8000 GLUE –

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  1. Hello, thanks for the video. I have replaced the touch screen and when i turn the tablet on, it gets stuck on lenovo logo (after animated logo) and nothing happens. Any idea what could be wrong?

  2. I really do appreciate a repair video where allso some parts are left on the table, just to prove im not the only one 😛

  3. Hello I attempted this and I think I damaged the black panel underneath (is that the lcd screen?) because when I attached the glass screen replacement, the screen was showing all lines when I turned it on. From your expertise, do you think that is exactly what I did? (Damage or crack the black panel while I was removing the cracked glass screen???) I wanted to ask if the LCD screen that you have listed here also includes the glass screen? From what I see, they are completely two separate parts. ANY advice from you or anyone here asap would be so much appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Thank! Works Great. My glass was already cracked which made the removal harder but when the glass was heated to 50-70 degreees the carpet knife blade cut it nicely. Later the glue goo was scraped off with a small chisel. I also had to re-insert the touch-screen cable as It was working the first time. I also forgot to unhook th battery ,tho the battery was very dead

  5. IS the glue safe to use without leaking as I got a leaking sticky glue on my tablet which I think was repaired at some point and the repairer used bad quality lue.

  6. i just did this and let me tell you it is an absolute pain in the ass without a proper heat gun and scalpel and when the glass is really cracked beforehand…

  7. Thanks for your help and, this is for you and everyone else, I used my heat gun on glass, instead of playing cards I used junk plastic, like medical cards to slide along and it came off Soo easily.🙂 FanTom USA


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