Lenovo Tab V7: Return of the Phablet


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Read more: | Lenovo is releasing a phone that tries to also be a tablet but do consumers still want a device like this in 2019? This is our hands on of the Lenovo Tab V7.

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  1. Watching from SE ASIA 🌏 Lenovo phones & tabs last for many years! Very solid long lasting build! Good Luck Nice VIDEO

  2. Iam using Lenovo PB1 750m ( the first version of Lenovo phab family ) for past two years with loads of app…. its a damn reliable phablet .. now I'm planning to go for V7 … I compared snapdragon 450 VS 6xx series .. only difference is 200 hertz, which is very mere u cannot notice any difference in lag…. Lenovo phabs got a mid-range spec .. but no other phone can compete for its screen, battery, and reliability.

  3. Im late to the party but, is this the phone that is supposed to replace the Phab 3 or is that still coming?

  4. I am using a 6.4 inch display phone which is the screen is already big rather than buying an expensive mateX or Fold..which i can't afford in the first place, but if i can i wont still buy over expensive phones.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the SD 400 line a low end processor? I was under the impression the 600 line was Qualcomm's midrange.

  6. So it's basically a copy of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 then. Which you can get right now. And it's excellent and reviewers adore it.

  7. 3-4gb of ram? Gtfoh. Not even worth it at that price point. Especially with no mention of expandable memory.

  8. I'm currently the proud owner of the Lenovo P2. This new phablet is the potential upgrade I've been waiting for.


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