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The recovery of the tablet
Perhaps you once wanted to downgrade from 5.0 to 4.4 – and now the tablet doesn’t work, error like Boot failed: EFI Hard drive and tablet load Bios but does not start. A little instruction.
1. Download repair_Bios.rar and unzip it to the root of any drive.
2. Run Phone Flash Tool – version 5.2.4
3. Browse – open the file from the archive — flash.xml
4. Turn off the tablet
5. Hold 2 volume buttons and the power button. The tablet should go into Fastboot Starting…
6. Plug tablet to PC, Phone Flash Tool should detect it
7. Click Flash
Since my tablet is S8-50F, after repair_Bios.rar in droidboot it was determined as S8-50LC. Don’t worry, after a full flash everything will fall into place everywhere and will be determined correctly.
During the firmware repair_Bios.rar long “does nothing”. Do not worry, just wait.
8. The firmware should pass successfully, the tablet itself will boot in FASTBOOT MODE.
9. Use Downgrading procedure to get back to stock KK firmware.
10. Read all instructions carefully
11. Flash a manual roll back from LP 5.0 to KK 4.4.

After 8th paragraph do not turn off Tablet, let it stay in Fastboot Mode until you figure out how to downgrade!

File recovery bios :

Sources :

Nguồn: https://freecode.com.vn

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  1. How to fix my lenovo tab s8-50lc..
    When i open it CERTIFICATE VERIFICATION FAILED appeared on the screen..
    Then a lot of commands appears on the whole screen which i cannot understand.. Can you help me solved my problem?.id be very glad if you could. Thank you sooo much..

  2. My Lenovo tab4 10 isn't switching, tho the yellow light is blinking.
    This problem happened after rebooting it. Than I looked at it and saw that the display isn't coming, tho the yellow light is blinking.
    Any solution?

  3. i am also having same problem

    but what did u did on laptop i am not understanding pls help meeee….

    give ur no. I will call u or whatsapp
    pls pls


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