Lenovo T420s heatsink and fan disassembly – overheating solution

Lenovo T420s are known for overheating a lot.
I have top configuration: i7 2640M and nVidia NVS4200M and it easily reach 99+ C.
The best overheating solution is to replace thermal paste under heatsink on CPU and graphic card. In this video, i will show you how to replace thermal paste (how to remove heatsink fan) on Lenovo Thinkpad T420s . With new thermal paste, my laptop now reaches max temp 91C

If you need a NEW heatsink with fan for LENOVO IBM THINKPAD T420s T420si you can get it here:
Double heatsink for a model with dedicated GPU (nVidia NVS4200M) : OMG only CCA 20 USD, what a bargain!
Single heatsink for model with on-board HD3000: only 13 USD!

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Do you have any problems or troubles with your Thinkpad T420s ? Just write in a comment and I will make DIY video for you fixing any problems I could.

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