Lenovo T420s heatsink and fan disassembly – overheating solution


Lenovo T420s are known for overheating a lot.
I have top configuration: i7 2640M and nVidia NVS4200M and it easily reach 99+ C.
The best overheating solution is to replace thermal paste under heatsink on CPU and graphic card. In this video, i will show you how to replace thermal paste (how to remove heatsink fan) on Lenovo Thinkpad T420s . With new thermal paste, my laptop now reaches max temp 91C

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Do you have any problems or troubles with your Thinkpad T420s ? Just write in a comment and I will make DIY video for you fixing any problems I could.

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  1. Thanks for creating this video, it was very helpful. I'd like to add: If you've assembled the laptop up to this point, you will want to take the time to disassemble the fan housing, too (e.g. just two very small screws and removal of two stickers): In mine, I found half a polar bear's worth of fluff. With that removed, the fan runs much more freely and meaningfully.

  2. I watched the video the first time – it was scary in the middle, did not understand.

    I watched the video the second time – fainted at the end :)… I do not understand.

    Downloaded the Hardware Maintenance Manual from Lenovo. Read. Ah, that's what you did, good man!

    Well, I can! And was able!!!

  3. 12:26 i can't get the board out. seems to be stuck wehre the fan is located.

    any ideas?

    followed every screw so far but no luck

  4. Hi Can you help me??? Same computer but I can not pull the plug of the heatsink fan out. There is a lock or just pull it back. Many Thanks

  5. thanks mate, just put new paste in it not quite the best but it was cheap paste
    before 98c
    after 89c
    both under 100% load for 5 min on ac power

  6. Hello, i've done this and now wegen There should be black, The Screen ist blinking Green.
    Update: I opened it again, cleaned the connector a bit and now it works fine.

  7. For those who have followed this video. if you have problems with keyboard or mouse….. They're two flat ribbon connectors under the keyboard. That have to be put in prefect…. The main ribbon is on the right of the keyboard,,, It is very (ribbon)picky on how it is put in.. If you have problems with either the keyboard or the mouse. Once your system boots up… Please check the connections. I had this problem three times… The instructions are dead on…

  8. I have T420 and suddenly got no audio on it the other day.. instead I got silence through ehadphones, and a weir squeal through the external speakers… basically I seem to have fixed it albeit maybe temporarily, by taking this thing apart as you show, then liftin gup the keyboard (being careful not to dsetach or damage the ribbon that connects that assembly… seemingly, "crud" inside the keyboard assembly causes the issue… the better I clean it, the more consistently I get sound. Now I've lost a few screws and the whole assembly of the laptop feels kinda cheap/ not flush.. but that's better than no freakin' sound. I wonder if that's related.. it did sound.. if that makes sense "sound" like an overheating cpu being broadcast louder.. amplified through the speakers. I think linux by default, at least the debian distro and related like kali, don't do the best job often with cooling The T420 and probably other laptops. There actually are programs for linux made like "thinkfan" is one, I think… meant to control the RPMs but yeah, I guess these are made poorly when it comes to cooling. Oh, also – *my backspace and enter keys stopped working… lol. even in the BIOS and everything so I cant even edit it- o fcourse unless I plug in an external keyboard or whatever. For now, it's the on-screen keyboard in Kali Linux.. yay. So I click to backspace, and lcick to return lmao.. also the up arrow stpoped working months ago ranodmly.

  9. Followed your video step for step and sucessfully replaced the thermal compound on my t420s. Even though it is only the i5-2520m it got over 95°C and shut down when under heavy load for a while. Now it does not go past 75°C. Thank you very much!

  10. i used this guide to replace the thermal compound on my thinkpad t430s and it's +- the same. The only difference with mine was that i had a piece of aluminium foil taped just above the hole where the antenna cables go through to the back of the laptop.
    I have no clue what this could be or whether it's added later or not idk. Bought it refurbished

  11. great vid. how much did it actually help? you said it now only reaches 91c (i think thats still pretty hot). what did it reach before?

    i work in IT and have some laptops to sell. i have some t430s and t420s (as well as 410 and 440s). i want to get a t420s for my friend (she wants the cheapest option that is good). but as i am setting it up for her it was reaching 80c. its now at 49c.

    i am not afraid to redo the thermal paste (and clean the fan). i just want to make sure it will actually drop it 10c at least. otherwise i can get her a t430s, but the price will be twice as much (though still pretty cheap).

  12. is it possible to put a drop of some oil or lubricant into the fan?? my fan makes some tiny but very irritating whine noise and i think it could stop it.

  13. I'd say the difficulty level for this disassembly is about mid-hard. I have taken apart quite a few laptops where the process is similar (Sony Vaio, Acer, HP, etc), where you just have to reroute some cables and place daughter boards correctly.
    A really stupid HARD laptop to keep track of in disassembly is the Ibook G3 Clamshell. Holy shit… I have no words to describe how difficult is that bitch to take apart (and put back together) :¦(

  14. Is a BGA processor less reliable than a PGA one? The only reason I bought a T420 was for the socketed processor, but does it make any difference on longevity?

  15. Here's a Pro Tip: Before you screw the base back on, reconnect everything and boot the computer to check that everything works.

  16. Oh boy, what a totally fucked up design. If I only knew before I would never have bought this roaring piece of shit 🙁

  17. My PC worked the whole morning with its new fan, and now for the third time in a row, probably due to too much heat, it shuts itself down brutally. This creates of course a lot of problems as the files I was working on are mostly lost… Anyone knows what to do?
    The first time, it worked for probably 6 hours. Now it shuts down avery rapidly. Could there be some sort of short-circuit?

  18. Richard, my touchpad is not working after reassembly. Would you know which connector is not properly attached? Thanks.

  19. Sorry Richard, you look like you know your trade but I really do not get it why you stop at the disassembly! It just does not make sense. You had to reassemble what you showed us, why not film it?
    Besides that, with so many screws unscrewed, why not suggest in which size pile each screw goes? Makes it easier when you reassemble.
    You did a few things on the edge of the area being filmed…
    But stopping halfway is really what I do not understand.

  20. I did this and now my screen wont turn on. Everything else works beside the screen. And when I connect to a display port everything seems to be fine. Please Help. I think I might have disconnected something related to the screen. I really don´t want to do this again. Can somebody help?

  21. hey man I have a T510 and I took it apart to clean the fan and put new thermal paste on the cpu and now it's not working, the power comes on but the fan doesn't run. looks cpu isn't engaging. what do u think I messed up

  22. I have a 2008 T420s and it reaches average temperature of 78-83C. No impact on performance. Worth doing all of this just to cool it down?

  23. Thanks for this-got my new fan installed and running cause of your great video.
    Random question I can't find an answer to online: what are the three extra wires from the monitor, (blue, orange and white) for? Is there a small graphics card that can slip in there?

  24. I used to be a technician for doing this kind of thing and i can tell you its no fun sometimes… lol especially when you have a laptop like this one that needs the mainboard to come out just to replace the paste… what a disgrace lenovo… not like my old t42. Now i've had my T420s for about 3 years and I guess i'm gon have to get my hands dirty again.

  25. has anyone tried this? if so, can they validate if this makes a significant difference? this looks hard AF and don't want to go through the trouble or the possibility of damaging internal components


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