Lenovo P8 Tablet ( Tab3 8 Plus ) Review – 8" Android Tablet With IPS Display


Buy one at Gearbest – (affiliate link) – This import Lenovo tablet offers a decent Android experience but is not as powerful as the Nvidia K1. See more tablets: and subscribe! — Index below:

00:11 – Pricing
00:31 – Hardware overview
01:07 – Display quality
01:18 – System specs
01:26 – SD card slot / tray
01:47 – Weight
02:08 – Ports
02:24 – Speakers
02:56 – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support
03:05 – Notification light
03:25 – Camera quality
03:50 – Android version
04:45 – Performance: Web browsing
05:35 – Gaming: Minecraft
05:58 – Gaming: GTA Vice City
06:34 – Benchmark: 3DMark slingshot test
07:59 – Conclusion and final thoughts

For $150 (the cost of the white version right now on Gearbest) this is not a bad deal. I am a bit spoiled by the now discontinued Nvidia K1 tablet that offered much faster graphics performance for around the same price. This tablet doesn’t come close to matching the K1’s performance but few tablets do at the moment.

Another issue here is that it’s still running Android 6. I do not know if it will see an upgrade to 7.

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  1. A few viewers have pointed out that Lenovo currently has a Tab 4 here in the USA. That one costs $229 with similar specs but only 2 GB of RAM vs. the 3 in this one. The newer tablet does have Android 7.1, however.

    You can find the Tab 4 here: http://lon.tv/xzpyd (affiliate link). At the moment the white Tab 3 tablet I linked to above at Gearbest costs $80 less.

    There's also a 10" Tab 4 that costs less but it's larger. As I always say, if it's smaller it's more expensive! :).

  2. Hey i bought the LTE version from Aliexpress and my sim card for mobile data won't work on my tab.. CanHey i bought the LTE version from Aliexpress and my sim card for mobile data won't work on my tab.. It works just fine on my phone, what should i do?

  3. I should go back in time and buy the NVIDIA Shield K1 .. I waited 3 years just to get utter shit tablets … The best atm is Samsung Tab S2 "refresh version but still outdated" for $500 aud/700 aud for LTE …

  4. Hi Lon. one of your subscribers here. I think your review video gets more interesting when you compare one with a similar one like you did on iPhoneX with 7 and 8. The benchmark number is somewhat hard to really understand for a light user like me. e.g. when you have another 8 inch Android base tablet here side by side, it would be more intuitive to see how great the screen quality of this tablet is, or comparison in Chromebook. Thanks always! Greetings from Germany

  5. So I purchased one and the screen didn't work.
    Took a whole day for me to figure out half the time, the backlight doesn't come on. And when it does, the touchscreen doesn't work half the time.
    The rest of the time, the touchscreen is really slow at detecting touch.
    Not sure if I got a defective one or this tablet is just suppose to be like this.

  6. What is the best budget tablet for playing light games and watching videos?

    For comparison, it would only need to outperform or perform on par with an Oukitel U15S.

  7. Lon — thanks for showing how to open up both the side panel and the little drawer. With my eyes alone it was almost impossible to figure out.

  8. great tablet for 115£ full hd screen. SD 625 3gb ram,quick charge support.
    lookong myself for teclast t10 price on sale 150£ 10inch screen 4gb ram/64 rom 2k screen 80k antutu


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