Lenovo Legion Y530 Gaming Laptop | Unboxing & First Impressions!


This week is about the Lenovo Legion Y530 gaming laptop. The Legion Y530 has been upgraded with a new processor, dual fans to keep it nice and cool and don’t forget about the GTX 1050 graphic card on the Legion Y530.

Lenovo Legion Y530 Review –

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  1. What's up guys! I will be live-streaming on Twitch.tv/T3CHZ3RO with this machine, so if you have any games that you would like me to play with on the Legion Y530. Leave your suggestions below. ⬇

  2. I have. Heard that this laptop is full of problems…one of them is continues wifi disconnection!!

  3. I have the same laptop but it doesn’t perform well on gaming and it lags a lot, having a lot of connections issues

  4. Emm can someo e tell me and answer my question plss . Does it come with windows 10 preinstalled or like when you get it out of the box can you like start playing games or what i don t really know
    Pls tell me

  5. 8:50…😑 bro, how can u assume that there ist a video card ? There are two vents for both gpu and cpu under the laptop. Is clear to see, that you dont know anything abou the laptop while shoothing the review.. thats just my point, everything else in the review is pretty nice 👍 video and audio of it are nice and also the unboxing was perfect. Except first seconds.

  6. i recently bought that thing witht he same config damn its awesome hats off to lenovo man trust me youll see what i mine after using it and getting used with it whitn 2 weeks

  7. Hello I have a question when I'm gaming the laptop(Y530) that's in the video kinda heats up and I don't know if that's a problem and how can I solve it?


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